Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dental Plans

Last night my friend birthday, he had invited me come to his party when he was met me last week, but last night i could not went to there join the party because i had a problem with my teeth, feel so pain and i could not eat or bite some meal and make me feel a little up site, i had imagined if i went to the party it must be happy, meet some old friends and can know some new friends too.
Actually i did went to dental near my office, maybe it's a traditional dental, two times i went to there but i think i don't get the good serve at there, my teeth still can't bite so every day i just eat porridge or drink some milk.
To day when i am chatting with my friend from Hongkong and i tell her about my teeth, she ask me see the website of, after i read that i think i need to join it, i don't need pay expensive because they have money saving discount dental plan can also provide an easy to use and cost effective alternative to dental insurance without any health restrictions or unnecessary paperwork.
I am not worry again if in pain and need dental because they have qualified customer service will assist me in finding the right plan and participating provider in my area, i think i have find the best discount dental for my self and i must say thank's to my hongkong friend that she had saw me this site, and more happy because i can join the party again if some body invite me.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Better Late Than Never

To day i have a problem with my computer, i try to download only one file around 7 mega bytes, but until now can't success, i don't know why, maybe the server has wrong and the network always off, this all make me a little up set and feel disappointed, maybe i must learn more about computer and the line.
I can ask my nephew, i think he has a good skill about it, but tomorrow is the Christmas day and we all get holiday, so i can't meet and ask him but i will wait, i always have a motto Better Late Than Never, is it right?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Free Alert

Two day more is christmast, we get one week holiday, today i planing go to Mall to find some gift for my family, usually we exchange when new year come, i also have many nephew, i want give them a unique present, but i don't have any idea yet, but last time i saw in FreeAlert™, it is non profit website, but can help us to find every thing what we want, at last from that great website i can get the beautifull present for my young nephew, they can send me FreeAlert™ by email.

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Mobile Phone

Yesterday was Saturday, i only work half day, like usually i went to the Mall with my sisters and my mom too, when arrived there i start see the Mobile Phone store, actually i want change with the new one but i want the mobile phone has pda function too, so if i go to anywhere i don't need to take my laptop, i think it's not efficient if i take my laptop when i have a trip, maybe to another country or even domestic trip.
I had saw it, it's a good brand from US, that mobile phone has a lot function, i very interest but it's very expensive too, so i must think twice to bought it at that time, i decide i will try to find it in the other place, maybe more cheaper i can get it.

Open Source

To day is Sunday, mean I am not go to office, but i am not week up late because i want go to Temple, only at down of my apartment, after that i back home, switch on my computer find my blogger website, i realize my blogger not good enough, i know because i had seen my sister's blogger, so i decide to learn more about it.
I start to see some blogger website and i saw Ron Bongo, He is presently the CEO of Corra technology, He also manages Corra Tech's corporate strategy too, i think it's very good to me to join it, i can earn how to Open Source and Software Upgrades, it must very useful in my blog and i wish i could success too.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Open my blogger now just realize that almost one week i did not wrote my blog, sometimes i feel time was past very fast until i never realize it, i always think like introspective my self what i ever done goodness to another people? My religion suggest us to always to do goodness every where, every time, every minute, i think i only done just a little but a little better than never, ha..ha...ha...
Tomorrow is Sunday again, last Sunday i went to Temple with my mom, at here had a great Bazaar, so much people at there and i met some friends too, we were ate some vegetarian food, really so happy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Daily Cream

Standing in the front of mirror, watch our face, i think every women like to do that, to see our face still pretty enough and always hope look youthful skin, ha..ha....
Yesterday i had bought the daily cream for my face, i thought it's good for me, or women like my age, as we age, our skin begins deteriorate becoming full of lines and wrinkles, mainly because the skin renewal process has slowed down. so i must choice the cream with anti aging for my daily use, hope can help visible reduce fine lines and wrinkle, and once again, i though not only me but mostly women want like that too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Provident Capital

Talk about business it mean we talk about money, how we can make the high profit in our company? but sometimes we need a good financial to support it, if we don't enought we can loan but first we must make sure that company have the best rates, lower payments, like i saw at Provident Capital.
They have good service will provide with a free loan analysis, easy and fast, and also have mortgage insurance elimination, that is taken out by a mortgage company, protect the the lender in the event of foreclosure, it called Private Mortgage Insurance, i think i really interested all of that.

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Last few day i feel my body have a little over weight, feel very not comfort, maybe because i don't have any exercise, only seat from morning when i was arrived at office until back at evening, and always eat something, so now my body like that, and i don't want look fatty, make me not confident if meet my friends, i must get diet from to day and from now, so to night i only eat apple for my dinner, but only few hours later i feel hungry, how can i get a good diet?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Start My Business

Last time i have plan to build a business with my close friend, she was my classmate too when we were in high school, but we have a problem about money, beside that we have prepare any thing, from place and other requirement thing, so now we only have find money, i though we need loan from a bank, like a personal loans, but i must find the best.
I have find many company or bank like that but i feel still not satisfaction, to day i see at this site, BestLeadingLenders , i have read all they site and it's really help for my business, they have Unsecured Personal Loans are available when we need quick cash and do not have any collateral to offer, it can getting approved only take about three minutes and can be achieved by applying online, it mean i can get it as soon as possible, i have phone my friend to compromise about this site and she agree and happy at last we can get the best Loan, and i want apply for Credit Card that i have a chance to compare Credit Card Offers the lowest rates and we can get approved online too, now i can start my business.

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My Gift

Next week my nephew birthday, i have planing to buy some gift for him, so i back early from office and go to Mall near my house, arrived at there i start to find it, walk around the Mall, from one store to another, but until one hour i have not find it, still don't have opinion what must i buy, he is 25 years now, and already have job as designer in his office.
Now i feel a little hungry maybe i better take dinner first while i can think what gift i will buy, i still have have much time in here, i know i will find it, maybe a Wallet for him, he can use every day.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Card Guide

Shopping is one of my favorite hobby, but i think not only me, mostly women like Shopping, i have ever ask more of my friends and they all love this hobby too, every time if i go to Mall usually i will buy something, dress, bag or shoe or another thing, even i don't plan it before, it mean i don't prepare much money in my wallet.
For me most important i must have Credit Card, i can use it if unexpectedly, like i saw at Card Guide, so much useful we can get at there, if we are one of fortunate few that manage to clear our credit card balance every month, maybe the right choice is Cash Back Credit Card, or we can choice a 0% purchase credit cards which offers a 0% interest rate on any purchases that we make, and i like Credit Card Travel Insurance because i very like Travel, i can use it always to protect my trip, and for my shopping at the other country or buy some gift to my family, it must be very fun.

My Dinner

To night i am confused again to choose my dinner, i have walk around at food court but still don't know what will i buy, if i don't eat now i will get gastritis again, i decide to call my boy friend to buy some food for me, so i will wait at home while watch my favorite show at TV, and i must drink some milk first, because if my boy friend has traffic jam it will take one hour to my apartment, maybe i can eat some apple too.
Thanks God my boy friend arrived not too long, he buy chicken soup for me, now i can enjoy my dinner. it's so Delicious.

Online Marketing

Every day i go to work, sometimes i think work are part of my life, if i don't go to work like some thing miss from my activity, it can call work make my life meaning full. I work at Marketing department, i very like in this part, we can meet people often, talk to them so we can know much news and knowledge too.
If we talk about Marketing, it mean we talk about Sales, and most important that how can we know our sales up? I saw DiscountClik this morning, it must very support our company, they have SEO services can search engine traffic to increase online sales for our interactive agency customers. and also have other marketing services, like affiliate sales program, list management and Internet Marketing Tips.
It's very interest for me because they have Satisfaction Guaranteed, the bill month to month and no long term contracts, if we not satisfaction with their marketing services performance we can cancel and our account will be closed, so don't worry no further of balances of contracts to pay out. we can join and start from fill out the form, an SEO engineer will contact our within one 0r two days, easy is it?

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Automotive Car

Yesterday after back from office, my boy friend ask me go to the Mall for get dinner at there, i was agree because i like go to Mall even only eat some dinner, walk around or window shopping, so he pick up me at office, it's not too far and not traffic jam, only half an hours we arrived there. After take dinner, usually we walk around the Mall and saw much people in the middle, we came to there and know they all see the new car, it' s a small exhibition car at there, my boy friend very like to see the new automotive, so he ask the sales a few question.
My boy friend tell me if want buy a new car most important we must find the best insurance company, like he saw in Advantage Auto Quotes, we don't have pay high rate, they have Liability Insurance that can help our company protect the Car or Truck and Driver from many things that can go wrong on the road, i will tell to my boss, he should be agree with me if he have saw this website, and also can use Online Insurance too.
I know my boss have a Classic Car that he love very much, he seldom to use it, only if he has a special even, so last nigh even i was not shopping I felt happy and enjoy to hear my boy friend talk to the sales, but i have been know many thing about automotive that i never know it before.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Travel Agent

I have a friend actually my classmate when i was in high school, we were in a same class and she sit beside me too, so until now she is my best friend, but i had lost contact with her when she got married and move to other country, because her husband live at there, i know her family has a good financial, i mean she has a rich husband, ha..haa...
She have contact me last nigh that she want build a business and ask me what kind of business can be good future in our city, because i like Travel so much so i suggest her open a Travel Agent in here, she agree with one condition that i must help her.
I must find a lot of information to support this business, especially On Line Payment to process credit card, now i have find it, Ms.Merchant Account can accept and process all applicants, lower rate or low risk merchant and high risk credit card processing solutions, also can Internet Booking usually for vacation destinations and other event.It could be very support to our business not only for Travel Company but for all who will use Internet businesses, so i hope i can open our travel agent as soon as possible.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Want Some Thing? Just Bid it

Beautiful Sunday, i think every one like Sunday, young and old people, all feel free at that day, like student don't need go to school and me too, don't need go to work, so i can week up as i like, lying on bed or watching TV all day, like me now only stay at home, because i don't have any promise or anything i should do at out side, so decided get relax at home, feel so nice.
Now i am at my computer, chatting with some friends, play a game, find some Website that i interest but i just have a phone call from my friend, she want buy a laptop because she didn't have any computer in her home, but she don't have enough money to buy it at a store, so i ask her to come to my house an i will open this website, she can find anything, after she find out what she want she must Bid it, and hope she can get Lowest Prize.
We can find so much thing in here, from Portable DVD player, Computers, until Digital Picture Frame, it's very cute, i like it an i will bid for that Photo Frame. i hope i can get it with a really good prize, and a computer for my friend too. so we don't need spend much money. now i am not patient to know how much the low prizes we get for that, i think i will suggest to all my friends who need something but only have a few money like me.
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Friday, November 30, 2007

Feel Better

This morning i feel better, more fresh because yesterday i had went to massage, after that i could slept well last night, talk about yesterday i was very busy and a little confused to face in this work, it's so difficult to finish it, i must re check again to make sure that have not mistake at there, because it is our important job.
Thanks God i could done it yesterday and now i am drinking a cup of tea and check my email from our customer that he has received our proposal and agree it.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Again

Next week be come December, it mean Christmas again, and i know i have a long holiday, like usually if i have a moment like that i will go to Travelling, it's my favorite hobby, this time i will take my mom go with me, she will be very happy when i tell her.
Of course in this trip i will find Hotel Reservations too, it make me easy to prepare every thing beside that they have a Great Discount and compitative rate, so don't worry because i had been proof it several time.

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All my body felt so tired, i can imagine if i go to massage will be so nice, i can relax at there, but now iam still do my job in office, so sad, and now i feel a little hungry but i must hurry to finish this job because my manager is waiting for me, i will call office girl to make a coffee and buy some bread for me, if i don't take some food i can't concentration to my work.

But i have decide this evening if i have finish my job i will going to salon near the office and get massage at there, so to night i should be sleep well.

New Laptop

This morning when i want start working n office, i always start my computer too, but i dont know why my computer run to slow, i though i must buy another one, maybe laptop will be better, have more function, i can take out when i have appoitment with customer.
Now iam not worry because i can find in online shopping, like usually when i need buy some Dell, but this time i want buy a laptop and i will find it at hphomestore.
I usually told to my friends too if they want buy something only find in Website, they could see alot of thing at there.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bad Habit

Every night i can't sleep early, sometimes untill midnight, even i know it's not good for my healthy, because i must week up early morning and go to work, i thought it's one of my bad habit, beside that i always drink coffee at night, but i really enjoy it, when I'm watching i like drink coffee and eat something.
But i though Human being, it's normal if we know something we feel nice and we really enjoy it, we can do and do again to get it, how about u?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Best Friend Life

After work all day at office, feel so tired and i want relax with drink a cup of coffee, suddenly i get phone call from a friend, i though she want ask me take dinner together like usually but i was wrong, she told me that her husband have accident, now in hospital, so i hurry drive a car, pick up my friend first and go to hospital, when arrieved at there, thank's God, her husband not to mortally, only his car was broken, seem would like buy a new car.
Now he is better, but he must spend much money because the fee of hospital so expensive, and too bad that my friend didn't have Insurance, i tell them if they have they can claim so they don't need pay all of that, so i explain to them they must have Insurance it's good for they life, can protect their family if have any happen or accident, and they can Save Money on Insurance too. I suggest them to join in now, they can have an Insurance plan is a necessity but it doesn't mean they have to pay high Insurance premiums.
I explain to them because they both are my best friends, and they have two children, if they join they can take comfort because they could know their children will be taken care of, and have Cash back premium insurance is one of the newest forms of insurance programs in the market, the money that we send to insurance company will be returned to us without taking taxes out, and still have another prosperity.
I give her this Website and I hope they will understand what i have explained and they can get a guaranty life in the future.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Learn and Learn, it's a Motto from me, it mean every day, every time i must always learn for every thing, like in this blog too, at first time i always confused if i want start write some thing, but now i though it's better, i know it still not the best.
In my office too, every day i learn from my boss about my work, but i can learn from the other how to respect them, because i know if we want people respect to us, we must respect them first, how do u think? is it right?

My Sister New Car

My sister just buy a car, actually she had 2 car already, but this time she buy a really good car, i know from the brand it must very expensive car, so she must insurance the car to the best Insurance company too, in my country so much insurance company but she want selective and because she is a business women, so i help her to find it.
I have find it when i see this website, i have read and learn about this company, it's very easy if we want making claim some day, they have Home Insurance and Life Insurance that we can get more benefits at there, it must right for my sister that she can know compare car insurance and i though she would like to get for her Life insurance too.
For the future she doesn't worry to find a good Insurance company again, and i will join to this company too for my self.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007


I just received Invitation of Exhibition of Plastics and Rubber Printing for this year 2007 at 5 - 8 Th December, every year i always come to exhibition not only at Printing but other things i like to see too, for me it can help for my knowledge special have connected for my job.
I always take my friends too, i tell them that they can learn in there, because so much Machinery, Equipment and Supplies, it's very excited, i can forget the time until night at there, usually the Exhibition close at 7 pm.
If one day not enough i will go to there again the day after, do you interested?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas is coming, no worries for spending

Hi there, Christmas is coming and I'm looking forward to it, well in other words, it means that I have to buy a lot things for my relatives, I guess I'll have to spend a lot of money for them, well at least that was I thought before until i found an online shopping, so i don't need to worry about my spending, coz I'll get the discount which is hardly i found in stores / mall. To think about it, i just remember last Christmas, my cousin got a dog for his pet, so i guess he need more things for his pet, which I'll give him a thing that I'll buy from Target shop. Ohhh, but this Christmas would be different too, coz I'm giving myself a new notebook, yey .... hehe and my choice would be DELL, my favourite choice :)

The Small Goodness

Life can be wonderful if we always to fill the positive thing, can be start do the small goodness like help some body near with us, maybe our family, room mate, friends or some body we don't know yet, we can help as we could.
If we could help them we can feel happiness more than people who was we help, it's true, because i ever feel it, make our Life more important and meaning full. sometimes i think if i want happy i must help some want happy.
This is a little thing but have a big advantage, let's we start from our self.

My Opportunity

To day i am feel very happy when i open my computer and check my email that i have received email from payperpost , it's about my blog has been approved, i had been start written my blog 3 month ago, for me it's not difficult because only write our activity or experience, but first time when i was start i had confused, don't know what must i write even i had so much thing that i could write in my blog, now i feel more easy because i had been written more 3 month, i can learn from the other blogger.
I know the blogger from my little sister, i just follow her, i want earn more money because daily i work at offset printing, the salary only enough for my life, if i can earn more i want use that for travel with my mom, because my mom very like travel to other country, she said want to see how they culture and they live every day, actually i like too, but most important is make her happy first, it's my wish, By payperpost i can do it, i don't need go out find second job, because i don't have time, i work from morning until evening and always work over time, so after back from work i can do it at home, it's a good opportunity, beside i can earn money i can make friendship too, i can see they blogger, how can they success until now? maybe i can learn from them.
If i can success in here i will tell my friends too, they must like it.

My English Language

Actually my English is not good enough, so to day when i read a website in Internet, i can't understand all, i must read reply and reply again, until i feel headache, but because it's very important so i must to understand it.
In this time i need dictionary, if not i don't know how could be, and i conscious that English language so important, i suppose to learn it from i was child, but i think never late if i learn it from now, better late than never.

Arrange Everything

Travel is my favorite hobby, in a year i can go to travel several time, even only in domestic but if i have more time, i will go to the other country, usually i go with my friends, my roommate or sometimes with my mom because she like too, all my family have a same hobby it's Travel.
Every trip i seldom go by a tour, i don't like because when we are been one place the guide tour only give our a few minute, i feel it's not enough for me to shop or take some photo, it mean not satisfaction, if we go by our self we can arrange in that place, when we feel that city is nice we could stay more day, we could shopping what ever we like, no need to hurried, until we feel enough we can move to another city, it's more satisfied for me, my friends agree too, and Hotel too we can choose what we like, Motel, Hotel or Resort, sometimes we like near the shopping area, or near the Beach Resort, hhmmm, very nice place, we could see the sunset from there.
So usually i arrange by my self, i must prepare every thing from ticket, Hotel Reservations, Rentals, and other commodity, i always find in computer website, because i must select to more cheaper but must clean too, example if the Hotel very expensive i will choose Motel, most important must be clean and comfortable and rent a car so we can go around the city.
All my friends believe me and always ask me to arrange it, usually two weeks before we go i must have been prepare every thing, so i busy to find where i can buy Voucher Hotel with a great discount, from my experience now i had find in this website, they have good price and compitative rates, from that time i am not worry or confused to prepare if i have another trip again, i also can show my friends in that web site, they can see how good the price or hotel, and many rental cars we can use too, if we go only a few we can use a small car but usually we have more than ten people we can rent a bigger car, all we get in there.
I always tell my friends if some day they want go travel or trip to some where, and i can't go with them, they don't worry because they can find it in this web site, so easy, only open this website and find it which one Hotel, Rentals or even Resorts too, or when we have guest or our family from out city or from the other country come to visit , we can buy a voucher hotel for them to stay, and we don't have car we can rent for take them see around in town.
This Website really help us to arrange everything, include u too, try it.

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Monday, November 19, 2007


Last saturday night i had met my classmate at a hotel in my city, we had very long time didn't met, after finish high school until now, around 24 years, wow... it's so long time.
We start talk about our memory in school and many friends, about they life, and they business, many of them are very success, they have a big house, some apartment, iam happy to hear it too.
We talk like a child forget about time until night, when i want back we share our phone number, and promise always keep and touch.

My Friend Garage

This afternoon i went to my friend house, when i park my car in her garage, there was so dark even have lamp, and the tiles so slippery, i almost fallen, my friend tell me actually she want substitute with the new tiles, so now when i see it in this website have sell garage flooring can cover the floor and give any pattern also can protect along with making it easy to clean too.
Tomorrow i must tell her, she will like it.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

10 Rules For A Happy Day

I just received one email from a friend that i met him in netlog, he live in NewDelhi, it's very good for every body read so i want share it in here.
It's call 10 Rules For A Happy Day
1. TODAY I WILL NOT STRIKE BACK: If someone is rude, if someone is impatient, if someone is unkind... I will not respond in a like manner.
2. TODAY I WILL ASK GOD TO BLESS MY "ENEMY": If I come across someone who treats me harshly or unfairly, I will quietly ask GOD to bless that individual. I understand the "enemy" could be a family member, neighbor, co-worker or stranger.
3. TODAY I WILL BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT I SAY:I will carefully choose and guard my words being certain that I do not spread gossip.
4. TODAY I WILL GO THE EXTRA MILE:I will find ways to help share the burden of another person
.5. TODAY I WILL FORGIVE:I will forgive any hurts or injuries that come my way.
6. TODAY I WILL DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE, BUT I WILL NOT DO IT SECRETLY:I will reach out anonymously and bless the life of another.
7. TODAY I WILL TREAT OTHERS THE WAY I WISH TO BE TREATED:I will practice the golden rule - "Do unto others as I would have them do unto me" - with everyone I encounter.
8. TODAY I WILL RAISE THE SPIRITS OF SOMEONE WHO IS DISCOURAGED:My smile, my words, my expression of support, can make the difference to someone who is wrestling with life.
9. TODAY I WILL NURTURE MY BODY:I will eat less; I will eat only healthy foods. I will thank GOD for my body.
10. TODAY I WILL GROW SPIRITUALLY: I will spend a little more time in prayer today: I will begin reading something spiritual or inspirational today; I will find a quiet place (at some point during this day) and listen to GOD's voice!!!
Have a nice day

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My dream

I like see my photo when i have time, like now i don't do any thing, i open my album photo, i have so many album because i like travelling, every year i went to travelling in different place, and i always take photo when i had been there, so i have so much photo album.
When i see it i feel like i still been there, i can imagine it, so much memory , every time if i see my photo and i remember again. that's why i love to see my photo.
I have a dream if i have changes , mean i have enough money and i have free time, i will travel to all country in the world, i can see how beautiful in each country, how they culture and they life.
I know it's not easy because need much money to do it, but i will keep little and little from now, next year if i have enough money i want go to Europe, and i will ask my friends to come with me, i hope can do it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My own dinner.

After all day i have work in office, now just arrived at home, feel so hungry, and i don't know what must i eat, i always like that when iam alone, becouse if i buy some food one portion it's too much, i can't finish all and i will throw it.
Like now iam so confused, feel hungry but dont know what must i eat, i think i will cook for my self, i want cook noodle soup add some vigitable and age, hhmmm it must be delicious, make my stomach feel more hungry.
After i eat usually i drink coffee, so now i must prepare for hot water too, and i still have some fruits, like apple and water melon for dessert, i can watch TV while i eat dessert becouse i want see my favorite show, it will be start one hour more.
Now i want start to cook.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Voucher Gift

Two days ago i have received a letter from a bank who give me credit card use, when i open the latter i see the voucher inside that can be use for get a free gift, i was so happy.
So this afternoon when i back from office, i take my mom go out like usually i did every Saturday, i mean after we get dinner i want exchange the voucher to the gift, when i arrived at the counter so much people at there, mostly they want change the voucher too, but before i know what the gift, the promotion girl introduce many things what they sell, it is for the healthy.
I know it is a good thing and good for our healthy but the price so expensive, i only hear what they said about advantage, when they ask me to buy i say maybe next time if i need i will buy to them, at last they give me the gift too.
When i open the gift box i saw the thing for eye healthy, this thing be suitable to either the old and young, striking effect can improve micro circulation of eyes. to achieve relaxation and to cure while working, it will be according to me, i am so happy.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Be Guide

This 2 day, i be a guide for my family from my home town, they come here because my sister invited them for her daughter weeding in this Wednesday.
Actually i like do that, beside i can take them go to some where, i can go around like city tour that long time ago i had never did it, usually only city tour in another country, but this time in my city, i am so happy even feel little tired must drive all day.
But i think i must use this moment for my self and can make my family happy too, start from 2 days ago, every morning wake up and driving go to my sister house, because my family live at there, by the way, my sister house have a big house, so they all no use stay in Hotel.
Before i pick up them, i must think where should i take them to go? i must schedule it and to day is last day i take them, because tomorrow i start work at office like usually, but i feel very happy to night when my family say Thank's to me. i just say welcome.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long Holiday

In this month i have holiday around 10 days, every year in this time i go travelling, but in this year i can't go because my nephew ( my sister daughter) get reception weeding. If i go to travel don't have enough time, only in near country but last month i just back from S'pore.
So every day only go around my city, from one Mall to other Mall, eat some thing new, buy some dress, and i think i enjoy it too. But to day i feel my body more fatter.
I know How's come like that? because i have so much time and when go to Mall see the new menu of meal i just order and eat it, i am too lazy to do exercise.
Now i must Diet because in this week my nephew weeding, 2 days later i want fit my dress for i wear when the reception, so i hope i can lose my weight even little.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shopping and Shopping Again

To day is Saturday again, it mean week end, times to free, tomorrow is sunday not go to work, so i can wake up as i like, clean the house, and go to Shopping, hee...heee.
Every women like Shopping i think, even only window shopping, try this one or that one, if we don't like can find the other, again and again untill night or untill the store closed.
Like me almost every week go to shopping and always buy some thing back, when at home after i see my dress in cupboard and i realize my dress so much in there.
At last i decide to give my old clothes for my maid, she must very happy, usually she bring it back to her down town and give for her family at there, i feel happy too because i can do some thing usefull for the other people.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My nephew 'Weeding

Last few days i was busy, my nephew was married, yesterday only Ceremony blessing at temple, people who came only our family.
The 'Weeding Reception next month in Hotel, it will invite many people include best friends and customers relation. from last month was start busy help her prepare every thing, from 'weeding dress until photographer.
For my self until now haven't find a beauty dress, even every week i had gone to Mall and fitting it, but no one pin with me.
at last i decide find a good Tailor to make it, to day i do appointment to meet the tailor, hope can find a good fashion that i can wear at that day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday i just back from Singapore with my cousin, after chek-up in hospital and the Doctor said she was fine and don't worry about her healthy, but she must check-up once in a year, must diet in her meal.
We still have a few days in there, so we go to shopping, like every one know Singapore is a famous country for shopping, start from one Mall to other, feel like time past so far, until night we back at Hotel.
When wake up in morning, all my body feel sick because so much our carry, but still want to shopping again, he..he..
Women always like that, go to anywhere always think about shopping first, almost my friends like that too, so what?
Let's go to shopping if we have chance.

Perfect Day

Today I already blogs for 90 days.I think it is enough time for me to submit to PayPerPost.I count that I already have 20 post as they want so it is a good time for me to apply.
I hope they would approved my blogs this time. And for me life would be more happy if I can have earning from my blog too.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ultra Hal Assistant

Every day from Monday until Saturday I must work over time, actually office hour from 8 am until 5 pm, but usually I back around 8 pm, so I must work 10 hours every day.
I know why it happened, because my work is so much and I can't schedule, when I did my job but the phone always in so I stop my work and answer the phone, at last my job couldn't be done.
Now I would not worry about it since I found Ultra Hal Assistant, The ultimate AI that using Artificial Intelligence technology which I found it in my friend's blog. This Chatterbots with a very cute animation can help me schedule my job be better so start from now I can go back faster, and enjoy my live at home, he...he...

I will tell my friend so they can download in it

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Drink Coffee.

I like drink coffee, every day i drink coffee even i know i have gastritis, but i drink after i have eat something. i know it's not good for my healty but i really like, every time after meal i always looking for coffee, if not i can feel like something lose from mine, maybe only feeling but it's important to me.
Every day i can drink coffee more than 4 glasses, first glass when i get breakfast at morning i will drink, second glass after lunch time, the third glass when around 4 o'clock at noon, usually i drink coffee with some bread and the fourth glass at dinner, but sometimes if i sleep late at night i will drink again, every body always worry me can't sleep if i drink at night, but for my self it's not have effect, i can sleep well.
This habit i had start around 10 years ago when i move and stay in this city until now.

MY Lovely Life

I love my life, i think my life simple, like my home only small n simple too, but so comfort, i really like it, even i live alone. but i never feel lonely, i have so much friends around me, always be there when i need.
Some time i am confuce because when some body ask me live with whom, i said i live alone and they always worry about me like i had lonely, actually not, i never feel lonely, because i have many activity.
Like every day go to office i have so much job to do untill evening, sometimes i get dinner at there, when i was arrived at home i get rest a moment and take a bath, after that i feel fresh again, usually i watch TV or chatting with friends untill i feell sleepy.
When week-end come i always hang out with my friends or take my mom go to shopping or eat something, sometimes i didn't realized time was past so fast.
I think i am lucky have so much friends an i really love my life.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Internet Network Problem

to night when i am chatting suddenly off line, i try again after 5 minutes i am on line but off again, when i ask the central they only said network problem, and they don't know how long can be normal again, i feel disappoint because i must do some thing at my computer and it must on-line, but i think no used to be angry so now i am watching TV and drink some coffee, enjoy my life while waiting the Internet line be normal, some times we must be patient to face of problem that every time can happened, if not we can be crazy at last.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Traffic Jam But Happy

To day in my city every where get Traffic jam, at morning when i went to office i must take 1 hour on my way, usually only 15 minutes, can u imagine? but i couldn't do anything, only stay in my car and wait, because i was driving.
At noon i have appointment with my customer and must go to his factory, i think it will jam too, so i ask my driver to drive a car, and what i thought was true, now we are in high way but still jam too, i am not too worry because i can do my job in car, open my laptop and write a blogger now. he...hee.
some times i think live in a big city will be like that always, so why i must disappoint or angry to face it? first i must be patience and think how i can handle this problem, like i am now, can finish my job and publish this blogger too.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Her Fab Life

Today is saturday , it means weekend and sure I have a lot of time to enjoy my life.So I open my email to look and I found a nice site that my friends referring to me.
It is Her Fab Life site , it is really nice site because from there I can know a lot of lifestyle ( it is cool ) .This time my friend have a perfect news for me and maybe she know I love it very much.
Beside great lifestyle I can get the latest news on restaurants,
or stores, events by Ella our Personal Lifestyle Guide on that site...nice ..isn't it ? And the good news for me is that I can join with free...
If you interesting too like me you can search it too

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Tomorrow i will go to Singapore, actually not for holiday but i must accompany my cousin to check-up at hospital in there.
imagine i will go i feel so happy, i can take her to hospital at morning and after back we can go to shopping , eat some thing specific from that country, walk around in Sentosa Island, hhmmmmm......... so nice.
i love travelling so much, do u ?

My Chat Friend

I have a Chat freind from internet, 2 days ago he asked me go out for dinner and i was agree because i want know him more, so he pick up me as he promised, must take 1 hour to my home if did not traffic jam.
I wait him in front of my house, when he near my house he asked me what color my dress, because he didn't know me yet, only saw my picture at computer. at last he arrived and i go in to his car.
He asked me want go to where for dinner? but i had no idea so we just around near my place find a restaurant, i thought it's a nice place too.
So we get dinner together while talk about our life, at last i know he was younger from me but it's OK, he had a good knowledge.
When we want back and ask the waitress get a bill but i feel so funny in here, because the waitress give the bill to me, my friend so surprise but he quickly pay it, but when the other waitress give the changes money and give to me too. ( in my country have a tradition, if have a couple go out and the man must pay everything, not a women)
When we were in his car he tell me that he can't understand why the waitress give the bill to me not to him? i didn't answer only smile to him. actually i didn't know the answer too.
Until now that friend never contact me again and i don't know why, but never mind ,let it be.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A busy day

Just arrived at home, hhmmmm....... feel tired, start from morning when i was driving went to office on the way i get traffic jam, but it's not to long, to day i only work half day because at noon i must pick up my mom from airport, she just back from my home town, she stay at there around 2 month to visited my uncle, my mom so happy at there, because she have so many friends at there, she told me every day she go out, visit her friend, they told about their story and memory when they young, i can see my mom face it look very happy, so i think some day when i old i must always visit my friend too, it mean the friend ship must be so important and we must keep it from now

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beatiful Sunday

Beautiful Sunday, stay at home, hear the music and clean the house, do some home work, when felt hungry i start cooking, i like seafood so i want cook prawn with chili peppers, the recipe like this: 200 g prawn, 2 green onions, 8 chili peppers, 3 tbsp wine, 1 tbsp cornflour, 2 slices ginger, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, i start clean prawn, slit the back and remove the vein, cut each into two or three pieces and place in bowl, sprinkle with wine and leave to marinate, cut green onion into 5 cm lengths, halve chili peppers and remove seeds, remove prawn from wine, sprinkle with cornflour, place prawn, green onion, chili pepper and ginger in casserole, add oil and stir well, cover and microwave at high for 2 minutes, take out and stir, i add seasonings, stir well and eat when hot, hm mm..... very delicious

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Disappointed day

To day i felt very disappointed from morning until now i had done nothing, because i must waiting my new customer who want make a Healthy book, yesterday he asked me come to his office so i gone to there on time but i had wait around 3 hours he didn't came, how do you think a man like that? how can i make cooperation with a man who can't appreciate the time?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lyric of Song

I just finish reading a book and i get a Lyric of Song from there, it's so sweet, maybe i can share with who read my post now, like that: When i am down and all alone, When nothing seems to matter, When a lose my hope, When i am sad and confused, When it all gets turned around and round, I can't seem to reach for solid ground, When everything I've believed in seems untrue, All i have to do..... is think of you, I think of you and it's gone, Like you chase away the Storm, Making it all okay, I think of you and i am strong, And i know i can go on.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Last night at 12.05 AM when i was chatting suddenly i felt my desk was shake around 2 or 3 minute, at last i realized it was Earthquake, i was so worry because i lived at apartment, so i hurried closed my house and go down to out side,and i saw so many people had been there talk about that, after i wait an hour i gone back to my place, but i could not slept whole night because still worried could happened again.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Motivation Book

To day i just finished read a book about How to be a salesmen in one minute, after i read i feel like get more spirit, and i start contact my old customer and follow up again, i thought it's important for us to continual read the motivation book to keep our spirit, have you try it? if not yet you can try and you will get the profit from that.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Friendship

Last night when i was waching TV i got a Motto from there, for me it's very important in my relation friendship, the Motto like that : The friendship like Hand and Eye, when the hand get wound our eye will cry and when the eye crying our hand to wipe it,it mean the friendship must be touch and keep, take care each other, very simple but meaningfull.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone, it's a important thing for me, make me easy to communication with my friend or in my job. Yesterday my mobile phone network had problem that i cant used or received any call, made me so busy, at last i got complained from my customer and lost my order too, i only can hope in the future don't happened again.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Middle East

now i am chatting with my friend who live in middle east, he is a nice man, he ask me about traditional business, that he have a market in there, but he don't know where he can import this product, actually i want help but i don't have time to find this product, if 1 day have 36 hours i am sure i can help him, but impossible is it? so i must apologize maybe next time i will.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I like Monday

To day is Monday, i think every one don't like Monday, because they must start working again, i was too, but now i think i start love Monday like the other day, since i working at Marketing depart, i love that job because every day i can meet some body, can talk with new customer, i forget to tell that i am working at Printing company, at last i know i must love my job so i can feel happy every day and enjoy it, how do u think?????????????

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Younger fat friend

i have a friend, she is younger from me and a little fat, yesterday she came to my home and ask me to go to the shopping mall, i like shopping very much so i go with her, after arrived we lunch together and she start talking that she like eat any thing of food ( i can see from her body), i wait for along time until she finish her food, after that we go to book store and she start reading some comic because the picture nice to see, she said like that, before we back she buy some bread take a way, and because it's too night the store start closing i can't shopping yet, so yesterday i spend my time only to accompany my younger fat friend, i didn't fell disappointed because i see her very happy , it's my experience live "if we can make some body happy, we should happy too"

Friday, July 20, 2007

Miracle happened

Miracle is my favorite word, i hope every day i get it, like this morning i got message from my old friend that i lost contacted 2 years ago, because he moved to the other country, i am so happy n i think it,s miracle, now we can get communication, sharing together even by email, so how do u think? do u want miracle happened to u ? if u get it don't forget sharing with me, see u.....................................................

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Miracles Life , I named it for the title of my first blog. Do you know why ?
Because I believe in miracle and so much things happens to my life and sometimes I think it is impossible for me to pass it.. But I can do know..I can pass the most difficulty of my life and I believe I can.
So the important things for me is first I must sure I can do it and its happens .Do you have the same experience like me or not ?
You can try it by your self too....