Sunday, October 26, 2008

Investment Property

Today is Sunday, it mean I have a lot of time enjoy my self at home, I can week up later than usual day, do not get breakfast, only drink a glass of milk, and I like search something interesting at Internet.
I just saw one of Real Estate and Business site, I was interested and I start to read and view this site. This is scottsdale realtor site, located in Scottsdale and represents buyers and sellers in a variety of Arizona Real Estate transactions, also has a graduate of the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, an Accredited Buyer Representative, and an active member of the Scottsdale Association of Realtor’s.
With The Holm Group is we can save a significant amount of time, money and effort when we are buying or selling a home with their experienced staff and the latest technology, so this is the important site if we want purchase, re-sale, and investment property.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Online Games

Have many friends feel happy, I think every one agree with this sentence, but sometimes our life is very busy with our activity every day, make us difficult can meet our friends together. Usually we can met when one of us have a celebration, like birthday, or have anew baby, new job, or the other reason. In that time we have invited, so we should set up the time for this moment.
Next week my close friend invited me, she just call me, first I don't remember, but when I see the calendar I just now next week it's her birthday, actually we are not young more, but we still keep and touch each other.
Usually at that moment we have plane to play many games, this time I have suggest to play, the best in online gaming,
They offer a huge variety of game rules, tools, strategies and advice on how to play all favorite casino games optimally and where to find the best places to play, helping us maximize the return on our gambling dollars.
There have many tools at there, like Blackjack strategy and Blackjack better, Jackpot, Poker and the other. At this casino site, we can know What news at online casino and the latest gaming, I was interest when I read this site and I think my friends too, we should enjoy this games together and of course after celebration her birthday :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Night Clock at Qing Dynasty

Large red sandalwood tower-shaped night clock
Made in the workshops of Qing Court
Qianlong period (1736-1795)
Qing Dynasty

On the first storey of clocktower was inlaid a two-pointerdial with five keyholes to wind the springs. Three copper bells set on the second and thirdstorey are used striking night watches, hours and the guarters and the guarters in a top-down order. The motive power of this clock comes from the weigh of plummet hung from a thin thread, which may drive the transmission system as it hangsdown.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Shenzhen City

This is Shenzhen, one of China city which is near Hongkong, but we need Visa in here, deferent with Hongkong. When I have been there five years ago, it just small city, but now everywhere we can see the big and tall building.
This picture I took from the 72 floor, I think it is the taller building in this city, we must buy a ticket to go to the top, from there we can see all the city, there have telescope, just put 1 yuan and we can used it.
I have visited the same place at Shanghai, but the building taller than that one.