Thursday, May 29, 2008

Healthy or Lazy ?

"Sport Station", this is a store that sell every thing about sport, i have a long time never go to this store because i have been along time too never exercise, several day ago i felt my body weak, not look energetic, some people think that i was sick, but I'm not, and they suggest me to do exercise, and i know that is good for our body, i always felt lazy to do that, and this is a reason that i told my friends that i back from office at night, so i can't do exercise.
i realized it's only a bad reason, i know it's not right, the point is i don't have intention to do that, if i have and i decided i think i can do it, actually it is a small thing if i want do some sport, i can swimming, in my apartment have swimming pool, i can swim until night, but for the first time to do that we usually feel lazy, now i must choice Healthy or Lazy ?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Waisak Day

Last week we were celebrated Waisak day in my country, every monastery celebrated it too, and in my country we have a monument (temple) of history Buddhist, it's call Borobudur, every year in this waisak day, many Buddhist people from many place come to Borobudur to follow the ceremony together, there have many monk to lead the ceremony, last year i went to there too, but in this year i didn't, because i have job that i can't left.
I went to the monastery that i usually go every week, the ceremony start at 6 am morning, i asked my mom and sister's went with me, for me it was a important day in Buddhist, reminded our that day long time ago, 2552 year ago was born a child and then be a Buddha.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Be a Blogger

Now I'm chatting with my friend, i know him from one site in Internet a few month ago, he is stay different city with me, but we have several time chat together, he is a nice man, but sometimes i was busy so i didn't chat, to day i feel free after i was back from swimming, i open my computer, when i saw him online so i call him, we chatting and he tell me that now he start to make a new blog, he give me his link, when i saw his blog, it's a nice blog :)
He didn't know that I'm a blogging too, but i tell him that i left a comment at his blog, when he saw he just know i have blogs too, at last we can chat many thing about blog, we can take and give, hope he will be a success blogger.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Healthy Food

What you favorite food? this question i always get from my friends, especially my male friends, if they go out with me and ask me what did i want to eat? i can't answer, because i don't know what i like to eat, maybe every day i ate in out side, every day i must think what must i order to eat, it's really make me confused ;)
When i saw this picture and read it: "Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight out inside" (Mark Twain), make me want to try, hhmmm... seems delicious

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Always Friendship

I don't know why i like talk about friendship, now i talk again in here, but i think every body like friendship, we live in this world, we need social live, we can't live alone without other people, but it not mean we depend to others, we just need social live like every day at work we need to make friendship to people who work around us.
I'm close to every one in my office, we lunch together every day, we can talk much, from them i will know more about life, maybe i can help them sometimes, but it will make me happy too, in my religion if we can make other people happy, it mean we could get more happy, i believe it, because i always done it.
So if i have time, i will make more friends, like from chat, many friends will surprise if saw my friends list, they said it's to much, i only smile and said i like "Friendship", it only my opinion, how about you? do you think friendship is important?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV

Every body always say "Enjoy your life", I'm agree with this words, but how i can enjoy it? i think i will do some thing that can make me happy, usually i go to work daily from morning until evening, after arrived at home we want relax just watch TV or play same game, if me i choice play same game, it will make me happy.
Today i find a new game, it call GTA 4,The highly anticipated sequel to the carjack-fest of the century, there is about Rockstar game which is the eleventh game in a series of Grant Theft Games, we can play it online, I'm so interested,
Tomorrow is week-end, usually my friends come to my place, i will tell them about GTA IV, This Grand Theft Auto IV is developed for Xbox 360® and PLAYSTATION®3.
i think they will excite too because we have same hobbies like play a game, with some food beside us we can play all day :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lovely Place

What do you do if you have time and don't know what do you want to go? we almost feel like that, me and my friends, if like that we just go to our favorite Mall, arrived at there find the place that we can drink coffee or some juice, order some bread and hear the music, because at there have live music, even not to big but we can feel comfort at there, usually with the slow music.
We can talk together, or only see around, but really enjoy it, this photo i got last week, not to much people because it was week day, but at week end it will full, how do you think this place after you see at this photo? is it a lovely place?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Close Friend

Busy with our job every day? or lazy go to work today? this is the question that my friend ask me this afternoon in my phone, she said that she want come to my home, actually she was my colleague, we ever work in same company, she is my close friend until now even we are not in the same company more, but she always ask me hang out together, or shopping together.
She is from other city, in here she live with her nephew who still study in college, so if she has a problem she always ask me, i mean she share with me, maybe she don't know to whom she could talk, and because she feel close with me, and my family too, like today she came here whenever my mom and my sister's in my home too, we talk together, cook and eat together, feel happy and she must too, i can she in her face, i hope she feel comfort with all my family.
This is only a short story about my close friend, the point is some times if we made some one happy, we will be happy too :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Design for My Customer

I have a customer from other city, he has a big company and many factory, one of his factory is made coffee for local, and mostly for his city, but i know that coffee has a good quality, i ever drink it, several time he sent to me because he know i like coffee so much.
Last week he told me that he want made the promotion for his cofee like the poster, he want give to every his agency, so he ask me to design his product, today i just send the design to him, i don't know he will agree or not? :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Disappoint with My Credit Card

Last week i have a problem with my credit card from local bank, actually this bank is famous in my country, and always co-operate with many restaurant, so when i saw one restaurant who can give discount 50% if we pay with this credit card, i ever eat at there, and i know there have many delicious food, like beef noodle or some Chinese food, i decided to ask my friends eat at there, when we were eating my friends said that food it's delicious, special at beef noodle, i thought this meat is import from other country, every one of my friends feel satisfied, me too.
When i ask the waitress get the bill, i give the credit card to pay, because we want get 50% of that, and when the waitress back, she give me my card and say my card expired, this was frightened me, because i was not realized that my card was expired, and i didn't feel get the new one, usually before the card expired the bank will send me the new one, so i decided to called by phone to this official bank and ask them to help me to open this card only this time, with the reason that i have not received the new card to substitution it, but the official bank can't help me, actually make me set up, at last i closed the phone i pay with other card but i couldn't got discount, all my friends feel disappoint too, i think i will close this credit card because they can't help us if we need they help.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Facial Mask

Last week when i went to Mall with many friends for dinner, and of course shopping too if still have a time after dinner, but usually only window shopping, only saw and probably not to buy it, he..he..., because all of us are women, we like go to cosmetic store, saw the new product of cosmetic, like lipstick, eyeshadow with the new colour, and others thing.
I saw the facial mask made from Korea, i was interested so i read behind of this packaging, this is facial musk with Anti Aging system, enriched with Caviar Extract to fix skin self defense mechanism and control moisture levels, also reduce wrinkles or fine line on skin face, i saw the price is not to high, so i bought four peaces, i though i want give to my sister to try it too.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have a blogger friend who always support me to be a good blogger, if i don't know some thing about the blogger, i always ask him and he always be here to help me, to teach me step by step, he is younger than me so i feel he like a younger brother to me, and i tell him like that too, sometimes he just laugh, i don't know he agree or not, he..he..
In my opinion He is a good man, and smart too, always help people include me, like today when i feel lazy to write a blog again, he give me motivation so i write this, i should say thank you to him now : Thank's Jack.