Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shopping and Shopping Again

To day is Saturday again, it mean week end, times to free, tomorrow is sunday not go to work, so i can wake up as i like, clean the house, and go to Shopping, hee...heee.
Every women like Shopping i think, even only window shopping, try this one or that one, if we don't like can find the other, again and again untill night or untill the store closed.
Like me almost every week go to shopping and always buy some thing back, when at home after i see my dress in cupboard and i realize my dress so much in there.
At last i decide to give my old clothes for my maid, she must very happy, usually she bring it back to her down town and give for her family at there, i feel happy too because i can do some thing usefull for the other people.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My nephew 'Weeding

Last few days i was busy, my nephew was married, yesterday only Ceremony blessing at temple, people who came only our family.
The 'Weeding Reception next month in Hotel, it will invite many people include best friends and customers relation. from last month was start busy help her prepare every thing, from 'weeding dress until photographer.
For my self until now haven't find a beauty dress, even every week i had gone to Mall and fitting it, but no one pin with me.
at last i decide find a good Tailor to make it, to day i do appointment to meet the tailor, hope can find a good fashion that i can wear at that day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday i just back from Singapore with my cousin, after chek-up in hospital and the Doctor said she was fine and don't worry about her healthy, but she must check-up once in a year, must diet in her meal.
We still have a few days in there, so we go to shopping, like every one know Singapore is a famous country for shopping, start from one Mall to other, feel like time past so far, until night we back at Hotel.
When wake up in morning, all my body feel sick because so much our carry, but still want to shopping again, he..he..
Women always like that, go to anywhere always think about shopping first, almost my friends like that too, so what?
Let's go to shopping if we have chance.

Perfect Day

Today I already blogs for 90 days.I think it is enough time for me to submit to PayPerPost.I count that I already have 20 post as they want so it is a good time for me to apply.
I hope they would approved my blogs this time. And for me life would be more happy if I can have earning from my blog too.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ultra Hal Assistant

Every day from Monday until Saturday I must work over time, actually office hour from 8 am until 5 pm, but usually I back around 8 pm, so I must work 10 hours every day.
I know why it happened, because my work is so much and I can't schedule, when I did my job but the phone always in so I stop my work and answer the phone, at last my job couldn't be done.
Now I would not worry about it since I found Ultra Hal Assistant, The ultimate AI that using Artificial Intelligence technology which I found it in my friend's blog. This Chatterbots with a very cute animation can help me schedule my job be better so start from now I can go back faster, and enjoy my live at home, he...he...

I will tell my friend so they can download in it

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Drink Coffee.

I like drink coffee, every day i drink coffee even i know i have gastritis, but i drink after i have eat something. i know it's not good for my healty but i really like, every time after meal i always looking for coffee, if not i can feel like something lose from mine, maybe only feeling but it's important to me.
Every day i can drink coffee more than 4 glasses, first glass when i get breakfast at morning i will drink, second glass after lunch time, the third glass when around 4 o'clock at noon, usually i drink coffee with some bread and the fourth glass at dinner, but sometimes if i sleep late at night i will drink again, every body always worry me can't sleep if i drink at night, but for my self it's not have effect, i can sleep well.
This habit i had start around 10 years ago when i move and stay in this city until now.

MY Lovely Life

I love my life, i think my life simple, like my home only small n simple too, but so comfort, i really like it, even i live alone. but i never feel lonely, i have so much friends around me, always be there when i need.
Some time i am confuce because when some body ask me live with whom, i said i live alone and they always worry about me like i had lonely, actually not, i never feel lonely, because i have many activity.
Like every day go to office i have so much job to do untill evening, sometimes i get dinner at there, when i was arrived at home i get rest a moment and take a bath, after that i feel fresh again, usually i watch TV or chatting with friends untill i feell sleepy.
When week-end come i always hang out with my friends or take my mom go to shopping or eat something, sometimes i didn't realized time was past so fast.
I think i am lucky have so much friends an i really love my life.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Internet Network Problem

to night when i am chatting suddenly off line, i try again after 5 minutes i am on line but off again, when i ask the central they only said network problem, and they don't know how long can be normal again, i feel disappoint because i must do some thing at my computer and it must on-line, but i think no used to be angry so now i am watching TV and drink some coffee, enjoy my life while waiting the Internet line be normal, some times we must be patient to face of problem that every time can happened, if not we can be crazy at last.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Traffic Jam But Happy

To day in my city every where get Traffic jam, at morning when i went to office i must take 1 hour on my way, usually only 15 minutes, can u imagine? but i couldn't do anything, only stay in my car and wait, because i was driving.
At noon i have appointment with my customer and must go to his factory, i think it will jam too, so i ask my driver to drive a car, and what i thought was true, now we are in high way but still jam too, i am not too worry because i can do my job in car, open my laptop and write a blogger now. he...hee.
some times i think live in a big city will be like that always, so why i must disappoint or angry to face it? first i must be patience and think how i can handle this problem, like i am now, can finish my job and publish this blogger too.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Her Fab Life

Today is saturday , it means weekend and sure I have a lot of time to enjoy my life.So I open my email to look and I found a nice site that my friends referring to me.
It is Her Fab Life site , it is really nice site because from there I can know a lot of lifestyle ( it is cool ) .This time my friend have a perfect news for me and maybe she know I love it very much.
Beside great lifestyle I can get the latest news on restaurants,
or stores, events by Ella our Personal Lifestyle Guide on that site...nice ..isn't it ? And the good news for me is that I can join with free...
If you interesting too like me you can search it too