Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lovely Cookies

My life will be significant, meaningful, if I could enjoy with some interest thing, like my hobbies. Every people have they own hobby, if me just a simple thing, I like drink coffee, of course with some Cookies, I love cookies.
I just saw Christmas Cookies with the cute shape, like Christmas tree, Santa Claus, stars etc. I was so interested and I want write the Christmas Cookie Recipes, some day I want to make it for this Christmas.
Cookies is a nice food, we can eat in everywhere, just put in a little box and take it with us. I always made it by my self, if I have time, usually in Sunday, I will invite my friends to my home, we can talk together or plying something, with coffee and cookies. Even this is a simple activity but can make us happy and enjoy our life.

Papua Island

Indonesia is a nice country, I always said in here, not because I'm a citizen of Indonesia, but it's real, we can proof it. Every Island have their own beauty, like I saw in my email, it is talk about a beautiful place in Papua Island, its name Perairan Raja Ampat, we can see how beautiful in here, not only in out side, under water life too.
This is one of the best in the world, really amazing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Healthy Circle

In my country last month was enter to rainy season, almost raining every day, now is raining too, actually I like this situation, not because the rain but the weather become coolness. In my country only have two season, summer and rainy season, in summer every day I feel hot, lucky I work in the room full air conditioner, so I like the weather of rainy season, more coolness, but I will sad too, because I watch in TV happened many act of God, like flood and landslide. these trouble always happened.
My opinion flood and landslide will happened because people don't care about nature and circle around us, throw the rubbish any where, fell the plants without planting again, too bad, I think we must realized that the healthy circle is most important. I just read the website that useful in this problem, it is Veolia Environmental.
Veolia has industry experience in implementing effective, innovative and sustainable Waste Management and Industrial Services solutions, and focused on satisfying the community’s essential daily needs in order to improve the living environment. They also have bin and skip hire for household collections for home renovation and building, really interested site, come and join me.


Let us talk about: Mood, I believing mood is important thing from our self to do everything, like today when I was arrived at office, I was happy, every day I always try to be looking nice and happy, I have a reason why I do that. In my mind if we looking nice meet some people, we smile to them, they will smile back to us, and I believe it will be make a good condition wherever we are.
Back to my story, so actually I have try to be nice and happy, but when I saw my boss came and sit in her room, she start angry to her staff, I mean my friend. Even she don't angry to me but when I hear her voice, really make me losing cool, I can't concentrated on my job, so I decided to take a break and make a cup of coffee.
After drink it I saw the clock, 10 minute more is lunch time, I think I better write some blog, and this is my blog, I will write the other post for my job that I get from advertiser. I hope I have a good mood again after lunch and some dessert, of course with a cup coffee.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great Painter

Do you like see the picture? or painting?
I just saw one in my mail, amazing.
Who ever pain this one, I think he/she is a great painter.

How Many of them u can recognize???