Saturday, March 29, 2008

Study to Japan

Yesterday i just meet one friend that i know him when i was chat half year ago, he is a guy from Myanmar who study in my country, he study for S2, i don't know much about study because i never study at university, so when we meet i ask him what did he learned every day? he tell me that he must learn a lot and i just hear, in my mind i thought he is a clever man.
I have accompany him to his Embassy and other office to apply his visa for study in Japan, and next week he will back to here again to take it and flight to Japan, oop's, i forget to say that he study and live is different city with me, around one hour by air plane.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Flowers on the way

I like this view, feel so comfort if we could be there, with the Flowers on the way, maybe we feel like an angel? or feel like a little girl? who can play at there, or maybe because I'm feeling happy now? whatever i thought, I'm still watching at this beautiful picture.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cat Smile

Do you like cat? actually I'm not like to much, but sometimes when saw they played, can made me laugh, remember when i was child, always catch them, to day when i saw the picture of the cat i feel so fanny, do you know why? because there have writen Cat Smile, ha..haa.., can you imagine how the cat smile?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fashion Schools

This morning when we get breakfast together with my family, my brother daughter sit beside my, i just realized that she is a young girl now, when i talk with her i know she like fashion so much, and she said when she finish the high school she want continue to fashion school, so i remember the site of fashion schools in california, if who are interested learn one of the leading fashion and trend setting states, also fashion schools in los angeles, maybe i will tell my brother and show him this fashion schools in california, who can know some day my nephew will be a great designer, i wish.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Painter

Yesterday i went to my friend home, he is a painter, he ask me come to his place and see his pain, i like it, so i go alone because this friend don't like noisy, maybe it will disturb him, but i don't really know the reason, he..hee.., when i saw his paint i took a picture, nice painting :)

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

I have a cousin, he is a single son from my auntie, actually my aunt doesn't have child, she has adoption a boy, now her son is six teen years old, still very young but he has the bad habit, always drink alcohol and drugs, after he has not money more he will back to my auntie and get money again, if my auntie doesn't give him, he will stole the money or something that he could sell to make money for buy the drug and alcohol, I'm so pity to my auntie, as a mother she is very love her son even her son like that.
When i saw drug rehab program, i remember my auntie, i will suggest her, maybe he can take her son to there, at Alcohol and Drug Treatment will help them and family understand drug or alcohol addiction, in this site we will know how does addiction start and many treatment program of drug rehabilitation, they also have Cocaine addiction Treatment, i hope my auntie agree with my suggestion for her son, maybe her son still could get the good future, i wish.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ice Hotel

How do you feel if you are in this room, around ice? this is one of the other room at ice hotel in Canada, i only saw at from email, but i don't know it's true or not? but i thought it is, and i can imagine if i could be there some day? hhmmm... so cool, but this is amazing hotel.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perfect Cash Advance

Money, who did not need it? I thought every one need, from baby even they can't talk but they need drink milk, until the old people who can't work or earn money again but they still need it for they life, it's the real, every day we work for money too, sometimes even we work hard the money only enough for our daily live, like my colleague from young had been worked until now he still have not enough money when his son want to register the university, he want to ask the loan from the company but he still have last loan that he have not pay yet.
To day he talk with me and ask my opinion, how he can get the cash money for his son? so when i saw no fax cash advance at Internet, i interest to read this site, i remember that friend, maybe this site could help him, and i thought he will get loan in here because he has income at least $1000 per month and he also has direct deposited on his bank account.
In payday loan help us get the cash we need, they understand that we need cash in hurry, and i will read again this site, hope tomorrow when i meet him i can explain this site, because i don't he don't know about Internet or online system, but i really want help him.

Natural View

Good view, i really like it, i thought it is a natural view from my country, I'm proud who can live in that beautiful country, if every day i work and feel tired but when we were at that place we can forget about all our activity and feel fresh.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easy Online Payday Loan

Did you ever thought if you suddenly need some money for the important problem but we don't have it? in that time we must be very confused, and maybe that was our privacy problem, we don't want every body know, if we got that situation we must come to payday loans, just easy, get a fax less payday loan at that time when we need.
Easy Online Payday Loan is the first site we can count on for all we need, why I call easy? because if we are at least 18 years of age, maintain a regular source of income and have a direct deposit system with our local bank so we can get start with payday loan, all transaction information is completely private, we don't worry because no one will ever know we took out a loan, this is important for me, sometimes I don't want anybody know include my family because I don't want they worry to my live.
the second easy at this site is they make online form as pain free as possible, we just make sure to fill out the form with the most up to date and relevant information and they will assist us, they also can help us find the best online lending partners out side, so if you need to day, why you don't think of Easy Online Payday Loan?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Towel

Do you think this this the funny picture? look like a dog and made from the towel, i thought it was made from a creative person, they can made many model, can look like dolls or animal, and others.

Business Mortgages

People like my age always think how to earn money, maybe because we are not young more, so we must think for our future, some body work like me, but many of my friends want do own business, actually this is a good future, i realized too, but when we want start a new business, first we must think our financial or capital to support that, if we got this situation we must find specialist adviser in this site, simple and fast Commercial Mortgages. they can help us to find a commercial mortgage the low interest rates and work with us to ensure funds are released to us as soon as possible.
They have Business Sectors who can offer commercial mortgages to suit a wide variety of we need, and we can get specific information about uses in each sector, why we don't call to day for no obligation quote?. The process is simple and straightforward, reducing form and waiting for a decision to an absolute minimum, so we are able to concentrate on the development of our own business.
This is Business Mortgage who provide the complete commercial mortgage service, they also understand that financial difficult, which have been experience in the past, so why we don't use special knowledge, expertise of the commercial finance sector? they guarantee to secure the best possible terms and conditions available to satisfy the individual requirements.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


To day when i was in temple met a monk from Thailand who has live in my country over ten years, after he give us some advised, he told that he has the garden in here, and he planted many vegetables and fruits, the garden is not to far from the city, and ask us want go to there or not? of course we want, when arrived at there i feel so peace and full of admiration to the monk who has much activity but still have time for plant, and i saw a unique plant but when i ask what name of this, the monk said he don't know, he just planted it :)


I have a friend who open a store in her city, i thought there is not have any prospect in a small city where ever she live, it was happened last year, and yesterday she came to her mother house which is my neighbour too, she has called me and we met, she told me that she want close her store, because no profit she got, but now she confused about the thing that she have not sold yet, still in her store.
I'm so pity to her, not only her store but her husband get accident when he drive back from office, and he just out from hospital two week ago, when she told me i look her eyes like want to cry, but i know she is a strong women, now she want claim but she don't know how, i suggest her to Accident Compensation Claims. at there we can get right compensation, right advice and right choice, this is suitable for her, and the good news is they never charge a client unless they have been success in this, they mission is to stand up for what is the right for a better financial future, like my friend need.
When my friend read this site, she agree but she want ask more so i told her that Keypoint has care centre available via email, phone and post, i hope i could help her through out this bad situation and she will get the good future.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I saw this pillow in the store, funny pillow, i think can't for sleep, only for decoration in my home, i like the colour of that so i buy it, my sister say me like a little girl if i buy something like dolls, but i don't care, if i like i will buy it.

Magic Loans

Live in the big city have good site and bad side, good side is everything we can find in here, from job, food, lifestyle, building in every where, big opportunity, but also have bad side, do you know what? high cost for live, the point is money, we must have enough money if we want to live at the big city, and my friends have a motto, like that: when we open our eyes at morning the first time we think is money, it mean money is very important.
I have many friends from other city come here to find job, because in big city have more opportunity that i told before, first time they come here they will find the place to stay, usually they rent a room for sleep, not a house because it's too expensive, whenever they just start find a job, but when they can earn money, they will think to buy a small house or small apartment for stay, in that time they need Magic Loans.
Secured Loans have homeowner loans, secured loans and consolidation loans, they understands that many people maybe undecided which loans would be the most suitable for we need, that's why we use magic loans, fast and secured homeowner loans, so if we need why we don't apply now?

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Symbol of Friendship

How lucky am i? i have many friends around me who always support me in my job and my life, if i have a problem they will be there for help me, because that i must appreciated them, i care about friendship, i don't want hurt anybody, and of course i will be there too when they need me. so i really like this symbol, this is my favorite symbol, simple but meaningful.

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The Model

I have a friend who will weeding at next month, and she has invited me, and the weeding will be celebration in the hotel, because i have been a long time know her and she is the one of my customer too, so i decided go to there when that time, but i must prepare like buy a new dress, i like a simple dress but look nice, maybe like the model in this picture.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Black Friday Ads

Week end coming again, time's for shopping, i have many close friends who have same hobbies with me, travelling and shopping, if we have a long holiday, minimum three days, we will go travelling to other city or other country, i always thought I'm lucky have friends like them, we can share together, eat together and most happiness shopping together, ha..ha...
But i have one problem that always make me up set, do you know what? when i must stand in the line only for pay it, if in week end or holiday we can stand for a long time because much people want pay too, not only me feel like that but i ever ask my friends, they feel same way with me, but when i know about black friday ads, i don't need to stand the line again, in here we can get information whenever we want know about shopping list, coupon and deals.
This is the good site to help us save money when shopping in holiday like Christmas, we can buy during black friday, they will reported us during holiday shopping season and sale information, if we want receive email when the latest black friday ads, we just give our email address and we will know all of that, easy is it? this site is really help me, i thought my friends have same opinion with me about this favorite site, how about you?
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My friends say in my mind always think about money, why they could said like that? i ask them, because when we met i always talk about job, or how to earn money, he..he.., i realized too, but when i read: Money can buy everything but happiness. in my heart I'm agree.


If i have time i always learn about marketing, because since i worked from the first time i was as marketing, until now, over ten years, it was a long time, but i realized i must learn more, because the market is always changes, beside that I'm as a senior in my office, if the other marketing have something problem, they will ask me and i must help them to handle that problem, because that i must learn more about Telemarketing, and of course for my knowledge too.
I find the best site about marketing solution, Blueberry marketing solution, from them we can learn much, like how to present our product or services in order to win customers, they provide the services about appointment making, lead generation, database cleaning, customer and sales training also market research.
They are lead generation specialist, providing qualified and warm appointment for our sales team, by ensuring we usually selling our product face to face, make decision and budget holders in industries we want to target, this is interest, I think my friends need to know this site too, tomorrow when i have meeting with them i will tell them about this site and hope we can contact this telemarketing immediately.
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Daily Activity

Stay at home sometimes feel happy too, i can clean my house, cook some food, usually i can't do it, because every day from morning i start go to office and back evening, when arrived at home feel tired, and don't want do any work at home, just stay and watch TV a moment, and shower and go to sleep, this is my daily activity, so to day from morning i have cleaned many thing, but now my mom come here, so i want cook some food, like noodle for eating together.

Time For Sleep

Last night i was slept too late, watch TV and chatting with some friends from other country, did my hobby, enjoy my self at home, eat some food, until midnight, but I'm not worry because i know to day is national holiday in my country, so i don't need week-up early, i can sleep whenever i want, it's a free night.
Sleep is important for our live, if we can sleep well, the next day when we week-up, we could feel more fresh and do our activity more spirit, so if we talk about sleep it mean we talk about Beds, why? because if we have the best bed, we can sleep well, our body feel comfort, this is what i feel when i lying in my bed, so when my friend want buy some beds for her new house, i suggest her to buy the best bed, and i show her this unique site.
In Time4sleep site, we can find many type of beds, when i saw that site I'm very interest to the leather beds, i like their design, my friends agree too, she can see at their showroom and she will know the quality of them, i think it's a good idea, i know she has a trouble for slept, op's actually it's not a trouble but just difficult to slept, with my suggest i hope she could sleep well with the best bed, and now Time4sleep :)
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Cute eggs

Did you ever saw the cute eggs? i got this picture from my younger friend, actually she is not my friend, she is my close friend nephew, but until now we often go out together, she is the nice girl, i like there, and she always send me many cute picture, like this :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Middle East

last week i have posted a blog about the luxury hotel in Dubai with the picture in side, and every friends of mine who saw it will ask me, is that the really picture, of course yes i answer, and i send them email about many hotel in Dubai, they seems like interest, same with me.
When i saw the site about Middle East, i remember my friend who work at there now, he always ask me go to there, he has told me there have many interest city like Dubai, Abu Dhabi. now after i saw this site i really want arrange my time to go to middle east.

Thank's Friend

Thank's to my friend who send me this message, i like it :)
E.........Exciting to be Around
N.........Nice Always
S.........Smiles a Lot
F.........Friendly Personality
R.........Really Great Memories
E.........Excellent Listener
V.........Very Kind
R.........Remember our friendship

Make Yourself Amazing

When i read the sentence of : Make Yourself Amazing, I'm very excited, i think not only me but every women like to make their self amazing, am i right? Amazing if we look like sexy, beauty, all of that we can get with cosmetic surgery, they can give us confidence, this site really interest for women like me.
Why i say like me? because i realized now I'm going be old, ha...ha.. I mean I'm not young more, so i feel i have many less in my body like my weight, my face and other, but now we don't need worry, with Boob Job and their experience, can made our self amazing, sexy and confidence.
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I like smell fragrance, if i smell it i feel my mind so comfort, peaceful, in my country have made many item of this thing, from oil, candle with many type and soap too, we call Aromatherapy, if i have went to Mall and saw this thing, i will
come in the store and start to buy it, and i will put in every where at my home, most important at my bed room, so when i want sleep i can smell it, hhmmmm.....

Management Training

I work at offset printing company, it mean production is the most important, from there we got the best quality product, so the operator who operate the production must have the skill, before work at my company usually we must training them first, see how much they knowledge about our printing machine, because we must have the best operator to product the best quality.
So in my company training is important, not only training the operator, but for our sales too, we need sales training, who can teach them be the best sales, and i think every company, every job need the training, sometimes they don't realized it, like to day i saw the best training site at Management Training, this is our opportunity to join it, to the best in our company.
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Tomorrow Will Be Better

Three hours more is morning, now i must close mu computer, swich off all the lamp, go to the bed, and close my eyes, hope i can sleep now, i have done my job, but before that i better drink a glass of hot milk, sugar free, he..he.. for my diet, i will help me sleep well to night, it just my opinion, but i ever tell to my friends, and they agree too.
Tomorrow will be better, this is always i hope every night and wish me luck :)

Autonet Insurance

Some time if i feel life is so short, why i talk like that? because every day i feel the time is so fast pass away, like to day from morning i start go out for my work and back at evening, only meet some customer and time in this day finish already, and now is midnight it mean the new day, and will be like that too, i have planed my job for tomorrow, from morning start but i don't know what time i will back? usually at around 8 pm, i just arrived at my apartment.
Every day like that so i must think how i protect my self? because i thought i always go out from office to meet customer, maybe can happened something on my way, who's can know? so when i saw Courier Insurance, unbeatable van Insurance Quotes, we can get it online and cheap, this is good for me, i can ask for the cheapest Van Insurance, this is for Business Commercial Van Insurance. they are guaranteed quality advice, quality van insurance delivered by specialist van insurance ad visors.
The best is the lowest price guaranteed or our money back, for me this is the best from this site, they also have special discount for the new policies, all of that we can get withAutonet Insurance, easy to use site, unbelievably low price with the class service from knowledge staff and a pleasure to do business, so join it now.
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The Dog

Now is midnight, i still can't sleep yet, i don't why? maybe to much drink coffee? but usually i can sleep even i just drink it, but it's OK, i can do some work at here, write some blog, with my favorite music, i remember my friend who like slept late every night, he told me he has a dog who accompany him until he slept, it is a good idea but i don't like much, maybe because i live at apartment so i feel save even I'm alone at midnight.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Money Magic

To day when i have met to my customer and talked with them, some of them said their business was down, the market business is not good, actually i don't know much but i feel sorry too when i hear it, of course it will be influential to my company, but i must optimist for my job, this is the word i always hear from my Boss, I like my boss, she has the good opinion, she has many kind of business and i always saw the official bank come to my office to meet her, seems like she is important client for them.
For me it's good, and if i have good news i always tell her, like this evening i saw Mortgage Quote, i think it is the good site for i read and i learn, Money Magic they write in side, this word make me interest, who doesn't interest about money? he..hee.. i think my boss will interest too if i show her this site.
In Money Magic has many Mortgage types, we can get it fast and free mortgage quotes service to businesses and person, i have read the news at there about the homeowners who looking to take advantage of potential interest rate cuts in the future may want to opt for a tracker mortgage, and many news other will be useful for our, if we want apply just fill our details in mortgage enquiry and we will get our quote.
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My Activity

To day I'm not at office, i have appointment with three customer and different place, in my city always get traffic jam on the way, so i have arrange that i will go from my house, from morning my driver pick up me, first i met my Korean customer, it's not take to much time, because he was waited me, only around 1 hour i have got some order from him.
The second, we have problem when we find the place, because this is the first time i meet him, we must take two hours to arrived there, when i meet i just know he is an Arab, but i thought he was born in here, because he can speak well.
The last is the big company and the place is easy to find it, but i must wait for the purchasing, because she has many supplier waiting, but I'm happy because i get her order to day, so when i back i ask my driver to eat some food, if I'm happy i hope my driver happy too :)

Driving in Australia

This evening I'm stay at home, feel to lazy to do my activity, i just make a cup of coffee, and start open my computer, maybe i can find something good news from there, my favorite site about travel, when i saw the picture about driving at Australia, so excited, make me want go to there again.
Actually i had been Australia when 2003, but only a few days, i like shopping at Sydney, saw the sunset at Gold Coast, also Noosa and Tropical Cairns, so nice... Last time i went to there with my family, but next time i will go with many friends i think it will be more happy, we can rent a car, go to the nice place, shopping together, it must be enjoy, and i can find what i need at Cheaperthanhotels, easy is it?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kopi Luwak

Do you like drink coffee? If me, every day i must drink coffee, usually five glassess, he..he.., is it to much? i thought so, because all my friend tell me like that, they always give me advice hope i would not drink too much, but untill now i'm still drink that much.
Last night i have drunk a nice coffee, in here we call Kopi Luwak, very nice taste, if you come to my country don't forget to try this :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Burj Al-Arab Hotel

Dubai is the famous city in the country of Middle East, i have saw many picture from there, it's amazing, i have a dream i want go to there, he..hee.. so much dream of me, but it's me, always like travel, saw every thing interest and my mind said i wish i will be there :)
This is the worlds tallest hotel in Dubai, The Burj Al-Arab Hotel. Considered the only 7* Star hotel and the most luxurious hotel in the world, It stand on an artificial Island in the sea. Imaging or not?


Shopping, this is the interest topic for me, every week i go to shopping, from the big Mall until the little store, mostly my friends love this hobby too, so we always go together, one car more than six people, ha..ha.., but it's so fun, we can spend hole day for that, fitting the dress together and ask our friends opinion before we buy it, have you ever did it? if you are women, i think yes, it's normal, is it?
To day i know one site, will be my favorite site, Grapevine site, do you know why i like it? because all my favorite's thing i can find in here, if we want know the latest Women fashion we can check out Grapevine For Me, have a hundred products at there, not only for women, for Men, Kids and Home Store.
In this site we also can know about Travel and Entertainment, i will show it to my friends and i think they will love it too, this is very interested, if we want the best style and such for the sophisticated women, we can find it in Grapevine.