Friday, May 15, 2009

Great Picture

Have you ever laugh when you saw something even they are not talking or moving?
I just laugh when I was this picture, I can imagine how the Monkey fell when he saw so much banana under him. Look at his face, so confused and think from where he should begin to eat, really funny.
This is a great idea, great picture, great shoot and great photographer to create a great picture like that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Unique Table

what's your hobby? This is the simple question, but always we got it from some body who want make the friendship with us. Hobby is the activity that the people love to do, from hobby we can build every thing, like friendship until business, for me hobby is an important thing, I realize that every thing if we do from what we like, we will get the great thing from that.
Hobby not only for the young people, but for the people who growing older too, I have a friend and I can call he is my close friend, because I always go to his house, he has a big house and a big family too who live at there, he still has grand-
mother, I like talk to her, she has so many story and her hobby is playing poker, and I always saw she played with her friends in a small table, I think it's not suitable, so my friend want to buy a new table in her birthday, but I suggest him to buy a poker table.
I saw many Poker Tables at American Gaming Supply, with many collection, like in this picture, very unique. I think my friend will agree with the table that I choose, and one thing that will make he agree to buy it is free shipping cost, interesting is it? I can imagine how happy her grand mother when saw this table :)