Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friendship Poem

How lucky we are, if we have much friends, keep and touch always :)
I can feel my life will be meaningful, may friends around us, they will always be here when we need and we will do the same too, lovely life.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beneficial Things

Beneficial things in our daily life, maybe it just a simple tips but I think it will use for every one who read :
To make the mirror shine, clean with spirit.

To whiten white clothes, soak white clothesin hot water with a slice of lemon for 10 minutes,

To avoid smell of cabbage while cooking, keep a piece of bread on the cabbage in the vessel while cooking.

To get maximum juice out of lemon, soak lemons in hot water for one hour, and them juice them.

To skin sweet potatoes quickly, soak in cold water immedietely after boiling.

To get rid of mice or rats, sprinkle black pepper in places where you find mice or rats, they will run away.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of my hobbies, maybe i can say of my sport or my exercise, i don't need go to fitness centre or go to gymnasium, only go own in my apartment, but i seldom swim because some time's i back to late from office, and feel lazy to do exercise.
Talk about swimming, do you ever see the Largest Swimming Pool in the World?
Let's see the amazing place and we only can say WOW...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Fun

Ever try to know what your name means?
It just a fun to past our time, or to make our smile.
Now try your name and see what it means :
A: hot
B: loves people
C: good kisser
D: makes people laugh
E: has gorgeous eyes
F: people wild and crazy adore you
G: very outgoin
H: easy to fall in love with
I: loves to laugh and smile
J: is really sweet
K: really silly
L: smile to die for
M: makes dating fun
N: can kick the shit out of u
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: a hypocrite
R: good boyfriend or girlfriend
S: cute
T: very good kisser
U: is very sexual
V: not judgmental
W: very broad minded
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: is loved by everyone
Z: can be funny and dumb at times


I have many eyeglasses, i like collection it maybe because i use eyeglass every day, at noon if I'm in out side, i must use sunglass, i have my favorite site that i can
buy it online, easy is it? They sell stylish Prescription glasses, we can find selection of frames with single vision lens, last week i saw Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni, very interested, now i just read Zenni Optical was on FOX news!, many Top News i can know from there.
I think not only me interested to buy in here, my sister too when she saw Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses, great quality glasses with nice price, and now how about you?

Long Hair

I just receive an email from my friend, not have any massage at there, only this picture, but i was surprised when i saw her hair is so long, she name is Dai Yue qin from China"s Zhejiang Province, shows her 4.2-meter-long hair in Tongxiang, wow... how can she do that? amazing, like me as usual women, only 50 cm but feel difficult to take care it, personally I'm respectful to her how she take care her hair until now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home, this words i always said when I have been arrived at home after worked hole day, feel free and more comfort when we are at home, so i always try to make my home as nice as possible, like decorate with some painting, or with Home Theater and the sound system, because i love see the movie.
Talk about movie last time when i have time I always went to cinema and watch the movie if there have a new film, but last few years I was more busy, now i only watch in my home, I think I should have a good home theater so when i watch the film i can feel like in the cinema too.
This morning I have saw the best Home Theater systems in my favorite site, I was so interest, they also have other Home Movie Equipment, I can imagine if i have all of this in my home I should very happy stay at home and watch film or invite some of my friends, they will like it too, even i realized i only stay in a small apartment, but I'm enjoy it very much.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Short Story With Beautiful Message

This story i got from my friend who sent me by email, actually this is just a conversation between a father and his daughter, short but meaningful, like that :
Little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.
The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter, 'Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don't fall into the river.' The little girl said, 'No, Dad. You hold my hand.' 'What's the difference?' Asked the puzzled father. 'There's a big difference,' replied the little girl.
'If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go.'
In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond.
So hold the hand of the person who loves you rather than expecting them to hold yours...
This message is too short......but carries a lot of Feelings.

Zenni Optical

Look... at the above picture..what do you it great ? Yeah..for me I like it very much. I find this glasses at But is not only one. There are a lot of fashionable glasses at that website.
I will going to buy it. Because it is beauty , cool and the price is very low. I never seen a beauty glasses with low price. When I have a checked why the price is low..I found an is because they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget. and we can buy it online. Very interesting , right ?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I ever hear people said Sea is a mystery, i don't know what it mean? but i always see the sea look like so quiet but dangerous, from child i have been live near the sea, i was born in the little city near the big sea, so when i was a child i always play in the beach, i still remember my parent was so worry if i played at there.
Now i live in the big city but near the sea too, not to far if i want go to the beach, only 15 minute but i can see the sunset only from my apartment, if I was at home in the evening i always see from my window. i can see how the beautiful sunset, but actually i more like the mountain because i like the weather at there and i love see the view too, so fresh different from the sea some time is so hot.
So how about you? which one do you like? mountain or sea?