Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sexy Tattoos

Tattoo is my favorite post, I love that, see the unique painting in the body, even I never think that I can have my own, I can't imagine how painful is it, scare but like, it's me...
How about you? Do you have it? Let's we see together how beautiful they are.

My Dental Plan

Last week I must went to Dentist after one and half years I never been there, be there for me was forced, from young, I mean from I was a little girl until now I'm very scare go to Dental, even the Dentist is a handsome man, do you know why? that's my reason, first because painful for me, second because need much money, very expensive.
Today I realized that I'm wrong when I saw the Dental Plan, they have many Healthy Plan, can change my mind that go to Dental not too expensive, because we get discount in here, very interesting for me, we can take care our healthy and know much about healthy knowledge.
I just bookmark this page, I think if I need to know some thing about healthy or dental plan I can easy to find it, I will tell my sister too and ask him to join Ameriplan now.