Monday, March 28, 2011

Bali's Important Sea Temple.

I live in Indonesia, we have a wonderful Island, I think that's very famous, why can I say like that? because when I meet some one from other country and they ask me where I'm come from, I said Indonesia, some people doesn't know, but when I said Bali Island, mostly they said : yes, yes, I know. So that's why I said our Bali Island is more famous than our country. Now I want share about one of Sea Temple in Bali Island, the name is Pura Tanah Lot, Temple of land in the middle of the sea, is a spectacular sight, especially at sunset, we can see the picture of that.

The Temple of Tanah Lot have been founded by the 16Th century priest Nirartha, one of the priest come to Bali from Java.

The Temple of Tanah Lot stand on a Rocky Island just off southwest coast of Bali, one of Bali's most sacred sea temple, Tanah Lot is dedicated to the guardian spirit's of the sea. The temple itself is said to be guarded from evil bye the sea snakes that inhabit the caves below.

Actually there are not accessible to visitor, but magnificent views can be had from a variety of point nearby, crowds especially gather on the terraces nearby to watch the glow of the sunset behind of the temple. Naturally, there are plenty of souvenir shop and cafes with a view to keep you well supplied while doing so.