Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dental Plans

Last night my friend birthday, he had invited me come to his party when he was met me last week, but last night i could not went to there join the party because i had a problem with my teeth, feel so pain and i could not eat or bite some meal and make me feel a little up site, i had imagined if i went to the party it must be happy, meet some old friends and can know some new friends too.
Actually i did went to dental near my office, maybe it's a traditional dental, two times i went to there but i think i don't get the good serve at there, my teeth still can't bite so every day i just eat porridge or drink some milk.
To day when i am chatting with my friend from Hongkong and i tell her about my teeth, she ask me see the website of, after i read that i think i need to join it, i don't need pay expensive because they have money saving discount dental plan can also provide an easy to use and cost effective alternative to dental insurance without any health restrictions or unnecessary paperwork.
I am not worry again if in pain and need dental because they have qualified customer service will assist me in finding the right plan and participating provider in my area, i think i have find the best discount dental for my self and i must say thank's to my hongkong friend that she had saw me this site, and more happy because i can join the party again if some body invite me.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Better Late Than Never

To day i have a problem with my computer, i try to download only one file around 7 mega bytes, but until now can't success, i don't know why, maybe the server has wrong and the network always off, this all make me a little up set and feel disappointed, maybe i must learn more about computer and the line.
I can ask my nephew, i think he has a good skill about it, but tomorrow is the Christmas day and we all get holiday, so i can't meet and ask him but i will wait, i always have a motto Better Late Than Never, is it right?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Free Alert

Two day more is christmast, we get one week holiday, today i planing go to Mall to find some gift for my family, usually we exchange when new year come, i also have many nephew, i want give them a unique present, but i don't have any idea yet, but last time i saw in FreeAlert™, it is non profit website, but can help us to find every thing what we want, at last from that great website i can get the beautifull present for my young nephew, they can send me FreeAlert™ by email.

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Mobile Phone

Yesterday was Saturday, i only work half day, like usually i went to the Mall with my sisters and my mom too, when arrived there i start see the Mobile Phone store, actually i want change with the new one but i want the mobile phone has pda function too, so if i go to anywhere i don't need to take my laptop, i think it's not efficient if i take my laptop when i have a trip, maybe to another country or even domestic trip.
I had saw it, it's a good brand from US, that mobile phone has a lot function, i very interest but it's very expensive too, so i must think twice to bought it at that time, i decide i will try to find it in the other place, maybe more cheaper i can get it.

Open Source

To day is Sunday, mean I am not go to office, but i am not week up late because i want go to Temple, only at down of my apartment, after that i back home, switch on my computer find my blogger website, i realize my blogger not good enough, i know because i had seen my sister's blogger, so i decide to learn more about it.
I start to see some blogger website and i saw Ron Bongo, He is presently the CEO of Corra technology, He also manages Corra Tech's corporate strategy too, i think it's very good to me to join it, i can earn how to Open Source and Software Upgrades, it must very useful in my blog and i wish i could success too.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Open my blogger now just realize that almost one week i did not wrote my blog, sometimes i feel time was past very fast until i never realize it, i always think like introspective my self what i ever done goodness to another people? My religion suggest us to always to do goodness every where, every time, every minute, i think i only done just a little but a little better than never, ha..ha...ha...
Tomorrow is Sunday again, last Sunday i went to Temple with my mom, at here had a great Bazaar, so much people at there and i met some friends too, we were ate some vegetarian food, really so happy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Daily Cream

Standing in the front of mirror, watch our face, i think every women like to do that, to see our face still pretty enough and always hope look youthful skin, ha..ha....
Yesterday i had bought the daily cream for my face, i thought it's good for me, or women like my age, as we age, our skin begins deteriorate becoming full of lines and wrinkles, mainly because the skin renewal process has slowed down. so i must choice the cream with anti aging for my daily use, hope can help visible reduce fine lines and wrinkle, and once again, i though not only me but mostly women want like that too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Provident Capital

Talk about business it mean we talk about money, how we can make the high profit in our company? but sometimes we need a good financial to support it, if we don't enought we can loan but first we must make sure that company have the best rates, lower payments, like i saw at Provident Capital.
They have good service will provide with a free loan analysis, easy and fast, and also have mortgage insurance elimination, that is taken out by a mortgage company, protect the the lender in the event of foreclosure, it called Private Mortgage Insurance, i think i really interested all of that.

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Last few day i feel my body have a little over weight, feel very not comfort, maybe because i don't have any exercise, only seat from morning when i was arrived at office until back at evening, and always eat something, so now my body like that, and i don't want look fatty, make me not confident if meet my friends, i must get diet from to day and from now, so to night i only eat apple for my dinner, but only few hours later i feel hungry, how can i get a good diet?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Start My Business

Last time i have plan to build a business with my close friend, she was my classmate too when we were in high school, but we have a problem about money, beside that we have prepare any thing, from place and other requirement thing, so now we only have find money, i though we need loan from a bank, like a personal loans, but i must find the best.
I have find many company or bank like that but i feel still not satisfaction, to day i see at this site, BestLeadingLenders , i have read all they site and it's really help for my business, they have Unsecured Personal Loans are available when we need quick cash and do not have any collateral to offer, it can getting approved only take about three minutes and can be achieved by applying online, it mean i can get it as soon as possible, i have phone my friend to compromise about this site and she agree and happy at last we can get the best Loan, and i want apply for Credit Card that i have a chance to compare Credit Card Offers the lowest rates and we can get approved online too, now i can start my business.

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My Gift

Next week my nephew birthday, i have planing to buy some gift for him, so i back early from office and go to Mall near my house, arrived at there i start to find it, walk around the Mall, from one store to another, but until one hour i have not find it, still don't have opinion what must i buy, he is 25 years now, and already have job as designer in his office.
Now i feel a little hungry maybe i better take dinner first while i can think what gift i will buy, i still have have much time in here, i know i will find it, maybe a Wallet for him, he can use every day.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Card Guide

Shopping is one of my favorite hobby, but i think not only me, mostly women like Shopping, i have ever ask more of my friends and they all love this hobby too, every time if i go to Mall usually i will buy something, dress, bag or shoe or another thing, even i don't plan it before, it mean i don't prepare much money in my wallet.
For me most important i must have Credit Card, i can use it if unexpectedly, like i saw at Card Guide, so much useful we can get at there, if we are one of fortunate few that manage to clear our credit card balance every month, maybe the right choice is Cash Back Credit Card, or we can choice a 0% purchase credit cards which offers a 0% interest rate on any purchases that we make, and i like Credit Card Travel Insurance because i very like Travel, i can use it always to protect my trip, and for my shopping at the other country or buy some gift to my family, it must be very fun.

My Dinner

To night i am confused again to choose my dinner, i have walk around at food court but still don't know what will i buy, if i don't eat now i will get gastritis again, i decide to call my boy friend to buy some food for me, so i will wait at home while watch my favorite show at TV, and i must drink some milk first, because if my boy friend has traffic jam it will take one hour to my apartment, maybe i can eat some apple too.
Thanks God my boy friend arrived not too long, he buy chicken soup for me, now i can enjoy my dinner. it's so Delicious.

Online Marketing

Every day i go to work, sometimes i think work are part of my life, if i don't go to work like some thing miss from my activity, it can call work make my life meaning full. I work at Marketing department, i very like in this part, we can meet people often, talk to them so we can know much news and knowledge too.
If we talk about Marketing, it mean we talk about Sales, and most important that how can we know our sales up? I saw DiscountClik this morning, it must very support our company, they have SEO services can search engine traffic to increase online sales for our interactive agency customers. and also have other marketing services, like affiliate sales program, list management and Internet Marketing Tips.
It's very interest for me because they have Satisfaction Guaranteed, the bill month to month and no long term contracts, if we not satisfaction with their marketing services performance we can cancel and our account will be closed, so don't worry no further of balances of contracts to pay out. we can join and start from fill out the form, an SEO engineer will contact our within one 0r two days, easy is it?

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Automotive Car

Yesterday after back from office, my boy friend ask me go to the Mall for get dinner at there, i was agree because i like go to Mall even only eat some dinner, walk around or window shopping, so he pick up me at office, it's not too far and not traffic jam, only half an hours we arrived there. After take dinner, usually we walk around the Mall and saw much people in the middle, we came to there and know they all see the new car, it' s a small exhibition car at there, my boy friend very like to see the new automotive, so he ask the sales a few question.
My boy friend tell me if want buy a new car most important we must find the best insurance company, like he saw in Advantage Auto Quotes, we don't have pay high rate, they have Liability Insurance that can help our company protect the Car or Truck and Driver from many things that can go wrong on the road, i will tell to my boss, he should be agree with me if he have saw this website, and also can use Online Insurance too.
I know my boss have a Classic Car that he love very much, he seldom to use it, only if he has a special even, so last nigh even i was not shopping I felt happy and enjoy to hear my boy friend talk to the sales, but i have been know many thing about automotive that i never know it before.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Travel Agent

I have a friend actually my classmate when i was in high school, we were in a same class and she sit beside me too, so until now she is my best friend, but i had lost contact with her when she got married and move to other country, because her husband live at there, i know her family has a good financial, i mean she has a rich husband, ha..haa...
She have contact me last nigh that she want build a business and ask me what kind of business can be good future in our city, because i like Travel so much so i suggest her open a Travel Agent in here, she agree with one condition that i must help her.
I must find a lot of information to support this business, especially On Line Payment to process credit card, now i have find it, Ms.Merchant Account can accept and process all applicants, lower rate or low risk merchant and high risk credit card processing solutions, also can Internet Booking usually for vacation destinations and other event.It could be very support to our business not only for Travel Company but for all who will use Internet businesses, so i hope i can open our travel agent as soon as possible.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Want Some Thing? Just Bid it

Beautiful Sunday, i think every one like Sunday, young and old people, all feel free at that day, like student don't need go to school and me too, don't need go to work, so i can week up as i like, lying on bed or watching TV all day, like me now only stay at home, because i don't have any promise or anything i should do at out side, so decided get relax at home, feel so nice.
Now i am at my computer, chatting with some friends, play a game, find some Website that i interest but i just have a phone call from my friend, she want buy a laptop because she didn't have any computer in her home, but she don't have enough money to buy it at a store, so i ask her to come to my house an i will open this website, she can find anything, after she find out what she want she must Bid it, and hope she can get Lowest Prize.
We can find so much thing in here, from Portable DVD player, Computers, until Digital Picture Frame, it's very cute, i like it an i will bid for that Photo Frame. i hope i can get it with a really good prize, and a computer for my friend too. so we don't need spend much money. now i am not patient to know how much the low prizes we get for that, i think i will suggest to all my friends who need something but only have a few money like me.
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