Friday, February 29, 2008

In Office

From morning i was busy, this time not about my job, but my friend who in the production department, he did wrong when he cut size of the paper, so this paper can not used in our offset print, it's not only a few but the quantity of paper so much, my manager ask him to buy new paper with the quantity he did cut wrong, i know it is very expensive, how can he pay? but he must responsibility to his job, like my manager said, I'm so pity look at him, so i suggest him to pay instalment to our company and now my company will buy the paper and pay it first, i hope it's a good solution for him.


This is the last day work in this February, next Monday is the first of March, in my company we have internal meeting, usually we will discuss about many problem in our company, include how to make our company grow up and be more bigger company? in that time as a marketing, i will talk about my opinion so i must have one topic.
I start looked it back my diary book and see what ever i done for my company, i will find some interest thing for my opinion when we meeting, i just saw Vecommerce, they are world leader in Speech Recognition Software and providers of the best self service solution for companies to improve their levels of customer, they commitment the development of industry leading biometric and Speech Recognition System has produced one of the most powerful suites of IVR software.
I think this is the good system could be support in my company too, this site also have Voice Recognition Software the provider of speech and imaging solution for businesses. I must read again and learn it, so i can discuss in our meeting next week.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Picture in My Home

This picture is a symbol of Success, Success in business and Success in our life, this meaning is my sister told me, because i don't know chinese language, even I'm chinese, ha..ha.., talk about this picture yesterday i saw in a store at Mall, after i know the meaning and i saw the price is not expensive, i decided to buy it and i will put in my home too, and wish always success in my life :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Best Travel

If you saw this Hotel picture, what will you think in your mind? maybe because Travel is my hobby, when i saw some thing interest i will think: have i been there? if not, when i can be there? Like i saw some photo of Paris Hotel, so excited, i have planed go to Europe from last year, but until now i didn't go yet, many job in here that i can't leave it, and i must think about the cost too, from my country go to there need a hight cost, i relazed it so i have earn money from last year, from the first time i have this planed.
In this site we can get the lowest rates guaranteed and pay on arrival, make me interest to read all this site, i saw cheaper hotels at there, like Dublin, Barcelona, Edinbugh and London, i can choice the hotel prices according to my budget.
I will ask my friends who usually go with me, but i must get a good time, like holiday, because all of us are working, we can arrange together with this site and i wish i can be there in this year and hope it will be my best travel :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Frindship for me is important, if we have much friends we can share with them, we can ask if we don't know, we can help if they need our help, it's my life, so when i received a poem from my friend, of course i'm happy, how about you?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Online Casino List

I have a friend who want make a party in this week-end in her viila, she invited many friends of us, because she has a big villa near the mountain, she ask me help her arrange the plan, food and many games, i'm happy if i can help her.
To day i start to prepare every thing, i contect my friend who has restaurant, order some delicius food and the restaurant management agree to deliver to the place. About games i have search in internet and i found online casino, i read this site and seem interest, we can find which the Best Casino from the list and there have so many casino, we can play every thing we want, sounds great...
I think i will show my friend this site beacause she is the owner party, tomorrow i have meeting with my customer so i can't meet my friend at noon, but i will go to her house at night, we can plan every thing and i hope the party will success and every one who invited at there can be happy too :)

Lobby Hotel

This is a lobby hotel, i took this photo at night, no body at there, usually in here so much people, who waiting some one, or only passing by, i know because i have many guest who ever live at there, and i always been there too, this is a lobby of Four Seosons Hotel in my city.

Self-Employed Health

Healthy is most important in our live, more than every thing, i still remember when i was child my mom always said: take care your healthy, this words always in my mind until now, but as a human we will be sick some day, or we can get accident, we can't know when, we just can protect our life, like eat the healthy food, do exercise, or others, but beside that we must have the best Insurance.
This morning i saw Self-Employed Health Insurance, they have learning centre, we can learn about health insurance for the self employed and read insighful articles to help we make the right choices, it's very usefull for us.
With Self Employed we can protect our life, we don't need pay personal information, with lowest prices, lagest selection of healthy plans, i think this is the good way for protect our life, if some thing happend to us we don't worry, i remember i have some friends at New York, i will tell them because this vista heatlh solution is licensed New York Insurance, with the most competitive insurance plans available in New York.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dinner Together

Dinner together with my family, it's always i do, almost every week, but i'm happy, we have good relationship in our family, when we get dinner together we can talk alot of things, from the taste of food what we have eat until the dress we wear, he..he., now i just back from dinner with my family, in one of the good restaurant of my city, until now i'm still remember the dessert, hmmm.... delicious.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Big Fish

Ever see the big fish like this? If me, i never saw it and i can not imagine if i meet a big fish like that maybe i could be fainted, ha..ha..

Search Engine Optimization

I always say i don't know much about computer, internet, website, blogging and many thing which connect to this technology, honestly i just learn it since six month ago, i have a sister who always teach me, and many friends support me too, but i realized i can't depend to the other, because they have their job too, so i always open my computer saw many site at there, and hope can learn more.
Like to day i saw Search Engine Optimizationi'm so interested in this site, because i saw Guru at there, in my country Guru it mean Teacher, and i thought i will be a teacher for me, so i read and read again at this Guru site, at last i know from Guru we can alot of lesson, like strategy of marketing and branding, products and services, we can ask about marketing questions, as a marketing i'm so exited.
Brand Identity Guru is a professional branding company and marketing firm specializes help our to build our company's brand identity, the corporate internet branding who offer professional serch engine optimization services, positioning specialist is a leading SEO professional. with them our brand will significant exposure. for instance our company name may be very valuable in establishing our brand at the forefront. it's very usefull for every one who has business website, if much people can come and see our website, it mean we can get much money too, so do you want know your brand vital? find out in Guru.


To day is Friday, it mean week-end is coming, do you have planed go to some where? this question always i got from my friends, i'm confused, i remember now, tomorrow i have promised with my mom and my big sister get dinner together, but tomorrow morning i must come to office, do some job that i must finished it tomorrow, it's ok, i can handle it, now i think where will i take my mom for a dinner? i hope i can get a special restaurant with the best food :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hole in the centre of water

When i saw this picture, i ask my self : what the hole is it? in the centre of the water? maybe you can give me the answer?

Casino Online

I have a cousin, he is not still young more but he like much play games, every time when i visited him, he was playing games, i always tell him like a little boy, but to day he comes to me and say he find one interested site, he show to me, it's casino games, he ask me how to download, because he don't undertand much about English language,
I tell him it's internet casino, he can play online casino, this site will sweep us with incredible bonus offer and promotions, just simple, we only sign up and provide our email verification code, we will get $25 free. easy is it? let's get it at virtual casino.

Good Meaning

Last night i went to Four Seasons Hotel with my sister, she has been invited by of one the international Bank to get a dinner for celebration Spring Festival, before start the dinner, on the table has Fish Salad, it's good meaning in our chinese traditon, you can see at the picture, there have many kind of noodle and fresh fish (salmon), also many seasoning, all the guest mix it together before we eat, my sister said to me it mean wish our get luck, good healthy and properity.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Free Dating

Are you single? it is a question always i got when i was met some body new, or when i was chating, i'm confused for a while and thought what must i answer, if i say "Yes, they will ask me a date, actually it's not bad, it's a good idea, i can know more about him, but before that i must sure he is a good man.
I always say to every one i like friendship, A friend is sweet when it is new, and will be sweeter when it's true, is it right? so when i saw this afternoon, this is 100% new, Free dating and single site, will be launching at this April, i have a friend, as i know she has join many site like that, but usually she pay with credit card, i think she will join if she know this Free Datingsite. is dedicated to offer a free alternative to existing, and will be a user friendly dating service for people to easy met other singles, maybe can share the similar interest like usually we did when chating? all we can get for free on Meeta so why we don't sign up now?
Brought to you by your friends


I live at appartement, mostly chinese people live at there, when chinese new year so much people celebrarion that festival day and they did some attraction, every one happy, of course i'm not forget to took the photo for share to every one in here.

My Wish

I always feel lucky because i have many friends, they always be there when i need them, of corse i must do the same too with them, last night i was chating with a friend who i know his id from blogging, he is so nice, always teach me how to be a good blogger, i'm very appreciate it and must say thank you for him, but he is not live same city with me.
I realized my blog is not good enought, but i will learn from the other, and i wish i could made a good blog, he..he.. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Do you like Wine? in my family we always drink it if have a party or celebration, maybe it's a tradition too in our culture, I'm a chinese, as i know in every party even only eat together, we always start with drink red wine, so all of our family can drink wine.
I ever go to one of famous estate of wine, I'm very happy because i can watch how they made the best wine, and i can taste every kind of wine at there, i took many photo at there for my memory, and it was my best travelling, i just see that photo when i saw Tastevine in internet.
In this site we can sign up and get the taste id, that is a comprehensive measurement of how you like a wine. i like to try merlot, sound's great, and i think it will be the best gift to our family or the one who celebration. i get a good picture at there, i think every one will like it if saw that picture, do you want too?
Brought to you by your friends

Nice Picture

Yesterday when i was chating with a friend who has unigue blog, why i said that? because when i saw his blog, full of movie new at there, but he has nice picture in side too, i thought he is the nice man for chat, he like share every thing, i ask him something that i don't understant, he will explan to me.
When he saw my blog yesterday, he ask me from where i get the art picture? he like it, actually i have many picture like that, all are nice picture so decide to send his too, he must like it.

Vegas Casino

I have a dream go to Las Vegas, but it must need a lot of money, Vegas is so far from my country, i hear from my friend who was ever went to there, so much casino at there, i can imagine it, like to day i saw vegas casino, this site put our in the glamorous and fashionable environment, feel of stepping in to a real Las Vegas Strip Casino.
This online casino give the highest online gambling bonus in the industry, and also have so many promotion at there, more than 130 different games with the high quality to suit all tastes, of course we can play casino gambling with old fashioned clasic too, like blackjack, roulette and craps, it seem easy to download, i want try it now.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Great Art

I get this picture from one of my email friend, it's a great picture, i think it's a really art, i wish i could be there one day, even i don't know when, i want see that place, it must be amazing, hhmmm...


Yesterday was Sunday, i went to market with some fiends, we used motorcyle, because i thought i will be traffic jam on the way to the market, i have been a long time not go to market, usually only go to mall and get every thing i need at there, so yesterday when my friends asked me and i agree, they pick up me with motorcyle, only take 15 munites we arrived at there, so many people at there, i have difficult to find the way to the store that we want, i just follow my friends, but i think it's a good anventure, i have bought alot of thing because i feel the thing is so cheaper, ha..haa., it's a women, always like shopping :)


Yesterday my friends was came to my house, they all around six people, we play together and eat many food, really have fun, when they want back they ask me find the new player again, so we can play in next week.
Now i saw the new game, we can play online, it's call online backgammon, this site available in six languages, with backgammon games we can meet people from all over the world. Mister Gammon is the world largest club, and their job are give us the best backgammon online experience, whether we can find out the latest news, tips, and strategies.
I think it will be the fun games for our friends, do you want to play it too? come to join us.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Massage from a Friend

Valentine was past two days ago, but to day i just recieve one message from my close friend, who live in midle east now, actually he work at there, even now it's not a valentine time but i'm happy when i read that message, it mean he still remember me, no picture at there, only a few word :
Love is something u cherish each day
Love is something u keep in ur heart
Love is something u can count on
Love is when u treat people the same
Love is something u can take with u where ever u go!
It sometimes feel like Love is nothing,
but you know what?

Online Pool

To day is week end, my friends was phone me ask to go out but still don't have any planed where will we go, if go to Mall again feel like boring, but when i saw pool games, i have an idea, i will ask my friends come to my house, we can playonline pool together, and i will buy some food so we can eat too, i can imagine it will be fun, in this site we can play snooker, play pool and play billiard, we also can participate in daily tournaments pool. I think all my friends will be agree with my idea.

Friday, February 15, 2008

You are My Best Friend

How do you think about this picture?
Is it he way how to say You are My best Friend?
I don't think so and of course I'm not like that.
But i like their conversation :)

Zenni Glasses

Glasses is important for me, without that i can't see, i mean not clear if i see something, like now i see my computer, or driving, when i saw Great Discovery: Zenni Optical, high quality and stylish Prescription Eyeglasses, we can get it with the good prize, like Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. I will buy the new one, i like sunglasses because i always use it when i drive at noon, how do you think if i wear this one like at this picture? you can find it too in the Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical.


Raining again, make to lazy to wake up at morning, with the weather like that make me comfort in my bed, but when the phone ringing and i hear it's from office, i realize my duty is waiting for me, ha..ha.. I must hurry wake up, get shower and go to office, usually i eat my breakfast in office, after that i must drink a cup of coffee before start working, it's my habit, i think every one has thier habit too, how about you?

Cash Advance and Payday Loans

The begining of 2008 i saw market business has a liitle down, i felt it when i saw from our company profite, but not only at my company, when i ask many friends, they say like that too, so as a marketing make me confused and of course headache too because i must work hard how to get more order for my company, most important i must get more spirit and never give up.
Yesterday i was met my friend who has own factory, even not a big factory, but i thought has a good prospect, when i saw him, i call him first, so he ask me lunch together, he talk a lot things, at last i know he want expanse his business but he doesn't has enought money, i give him suggest and ask him to see at Payday Loan, he can get Cash Advance too in this site, there are the fastest way to obtain secure, quick and easy if we want apply, in may cases there are no documents to fax.
Cash Advance Payday Loans have :
~Additional Earnings, who need some extra money between paychecks, this is the right site.
~Women Payday, the perfect site for women who are need quick cash assistance, when need paying bills, shopping or just going out with friends.
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~Urgent Cash Relief Pay Day Advance, this is the good site if we need immediately cash, specializes in finding quick.
This site offer flexible payment option and discrete sevices that get the cash we need right now, it's easy, so don't wait to get payday loans now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine

~Happy Valentine~
To every one who read this blog now.
Wish our friendship lasting forever.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Online Casino Links

Yesterday was Chinese New Year, i start busy from the day after, actually not to busy , only help my sister prepare something to celebration the new year in here house, because every year all my family come together in my sister house, eat together and celebrate in there when the night of the new year, usually we celebrate it until morning, hear the music and play something to past the time, we all enjoy it.
When midnight comes my brother ask us to play online casino, i thought it was a good idea, if we did not played anything we start felt sleepy, so we find the Best Online Casino by Player Votes, this site is the webs most popular online casino review site listing nearly 100 of the best online casinos, wow... it's great, we also can know many info online casinos and Online Gambling Tips, it will help us.
My brother was so excited because he win, but we must stop it when morning was coming, every one must back to our own home, me too, but we all feel happy :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cute Picture

I always think I'm lucky, because many friends around me, they all so kind to me, also my chat friends, even we never meet, but they always send me email, and to day i get 1 email from my chat friend who send me email every day, when i read it can make me smile.
It's a cute picture :) and i hope every one could smile too when see it in my blog.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rugby Game

I like sport, almost every night i watch sport programme in TV, in my country has many sports include traditional sport, when i was child i like do this sport, very fun, but now i seldom see traditional sport again, i only saw the child play many programme in computer or playstation, maybe now was changes follow the period.
Talk about sport i like Rugby, i think it's very excited and fun too when i saw at TV, maybe because in my country has not this sport, but i can see the rugby game in my computer anytime, this official website for Europe's premier international rugby tournament, with six nations championship and they provide a comprehensive list of tournament news, fixtures and results, as well as interactive games and podcasts section for six nations fan.
In this site i can wacth the games and also i can know all news, my favorite is England team, but i thought other team are good too, i always some friends watch with me, more excite, of course with some coffee and peanut accompany us.