Sunday, October 21, 2007

Be Guide

This 2 day, i be a guide for my family from my home town, they come here because my sister invited them for her daughter weeding in this Wednesday.
Actually i like do that, beside i can take them go to some where, i can go around like city tour that long time ago i had never did it, usually only city tour in another country, but this time in my city, i am so happy even feel little tired must drive all day.
But i think i must use this moment for my self and can make my family happy too, start from 2 days ago, every morning wake up and driving go to my sister house, because my family live at there, by the way, my sister house have a big house, so they all no use stay in Hotel.
Before i pick up them, i must think where should i take them to go? i must schedule it and to day is last day i take them, because tomorrow i start work at office like usually, but i feel very happy to night when my family say Thank's to me. i just say welcome.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long Holiday

In this month i have holiday around 10 days, every year in this time i go travelling, but in this year i can't go because my nephew ( my sister daughter) get reception weeding. If i go to travel don't have enough time, only in near country but last month i just back from S'pore.
So every day only go around my city, from one Mall to other Mall, eat some thing new, buy some dress, and i think i enjoy it too. But to day i feel my body more fatter.
I know How's come like that? because i have so much time and when go to Mall see the new menu of meal i just order and eat it, i am too lazy to do exercise.
Now i must Diet because in this week my nephew weeding, 2 days later i want fit my dress for i wear when the reception, so i hope i can lose my weight even little.